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    Hello everyone, It's been a long time since I last wrote anything, but you know how it is - sometimes there just isn't enough time to do everything. Anyway, I recently bought a book at a bookstall for about $5/£3 (so it was worth it) - it's "One Soldier's War in Chechnya" by Arkady Babchenko (very interesting read if you ask me). This book reminded me that I wanted to create a topic like that for some time - once upon a time I was doing some research about Russian uniforms in GR inspired by Chechen wars. Two sources to prove that - one real, one fictional. The real one are photos from Chechen wars - we are lucky, some Polish people interested in Russian military made a collection of different photos, so there's no need to browse Google for hours: https://picasaweb.google.com/108860538429450958271/WOJNYWCZECZENII199496199903 The title says "WARS IN CHECHNYA 1994-96; 1999-03". Some of the Russian soldiers seen in GR are almost the same as the ones presented there - very neat. Second source is a movie based on the Chechen wars called "Purgatory" (1998) - I've seen it with Polish subtitles, but I think it is possible to find a version with English ones as well. Guys from Red Storm Entertainment must have seen it as well - take a look at the Spetsnaz guy from the movie, later recreated in the game.
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    Nice find, and more evidence of the extreme measures Red Storm went to for accuracy in Ghost Recon.
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    I hope that we can customize our squadmates too when playing singleplayer.
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    Hello all, I'm happy to announce GRAW2 Multiplayer is back! _____________________________________________ Gamediggers have successfully installed the gamemaster connection system on their servers. We have also setup a new independent website to connect you and or clan, the new Launcher v1.2 is available for download there with the game iso and patch if you need it. Please register and support the project. ...see you in game soon. http://ghostreconconnect.com/ Regards Struth
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    If you mean bullet drop and wind affects on gameplay over realistic sniping distances, then I'd hope not. While I used to think this would be cool, I don't think so anymore. Why? Precision shooting is an exacting science which requires months and years of training and practice to hone to consistent accuracy under a variety of conditions. Do you want to spend hundreds of hours in-game creating a DOPE sheet for every weapon and optic combination you might use, while _hoping_ your team in MP actually employs a sniper properly? I didn't think so. You'd be better served learning to shoot and move as a team.