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    Howdy, Well I have given up getting GR on this machine for some 3D clarity for now, but I just got on mis old PC, the one I scripted P2 on, and there it was, a P2 splash screen staring me in the face...2009. Long time...long time since I opened IGOR with INTENT...BUT, that is exactly what I was doing...took one look and realized I need to read even the most basic info for now...5 years worth of forgetting and all...anyway, I 've been bored lately and figure giving you guys a chill might be fun...so, at least one mission forthcoming...I feel too lazy to get all involved with too many modding aspects so you will get either a single mission for SP, COOP or a mission pack in the old migryder tradition...hopefully the scripting will live up to reputation. At this point, if any of you have a map that has been created in the last five years or a fav map from old...and would like to see a new mission on it, then please let me know here...espicially any new turf to script on...
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    I'm trying to replace every vanilla weapon from GR/DS/IT with a retextured version for my personal mod. I know Earl's Standard Upgrade and Spetzgrupa Vyumpel contain a lot. XM8 has the At-4, there is British Infantry Mod that has the SA80. I may make a list to make this a little easier. Can you guys point me in the direction of any other mods?