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    Amazing, this is already one of my favorite missions ever. Had to watch the kosovo intro of 'the hunted' again after that. Its certainly the most atmospheric setting Ive seen so far for a gr mission
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    No distracting icons that I recall getting in the way at all.
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    @Burner sure i'll give it a shot but anyway, here is a over the shoulder camera position about 1/2 distance from previous position, i experimented to minimize clipping in all stances and movement animations i found a bug i'm trying to fix that causes the custom camera positions for each stance to not work, when lots of actors are on the map or in multiplayer. it may work some times, and other times it may not, but i know whats causing it and i'm working on a fix 32 bit https://www.dropbox.com/s/x2165b59bgwv14b/3rd_person_OTS.exe?dl=0 64 bit https://www.dropbox.com/s/y6cghz3qtpzecev/3rd_person_OTS_64bit.exe?dl=0
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    Retextured Vilnius map "M10 Dakovica". Air strike sounds are very effective, so play this video with big sound.
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    You know you play too much GR when you still get excited about receiving notifications of new posts to ten year old threads! Keep it up! -Doc
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    If Delta want to wear Oakley's thats their business
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