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    Interesting debate but please keep it civil. This is allready starting to deteriorate into a name calling argument so to avoid this thread being locked or posts being deleted please play nicely. Thanks!
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    Once again you missed the point! - "I don't care", "My ban", " my last time on this site " - this post is not about you! Read - GRAW2 Multiplayer is BACK! I know it's hard to understand as it's quite at odds to your narrow minded self centred approach and though you might find this hard to swallow - your attitude is synonymous of one who would rather others stop enjoying something that you, for whatever reason, no longer do, we call them killjoys. Our concerns are not so much about how many players are playing or what it costs but rather how much enjoyment is had by each and every player who still chooses to play the game, that's why we go to such lengths to make it a reality, unlike some, we do care. Time to call to account... Yes we've heard it all before, trouble is, your assumption is inaccurate - you were banned because you failed to engage the community, nothing more and nothing less. Do I detect a jealous tone? lmao Is that so? The GRAW2 launcher has been downloaded 472 times, perhaps you would like to make that 473? Its been one of the most popular applications I have ever written and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Rocky & all the people who love this game (that includes you Blame) for without them it would not have been possible. Correct me if I'm wrong but thats a contradiction of terms if ever I have read one. lmaorotf. _____________________________________________ G'day Tom1935, "You are not of an age but for all time" quote - Ben Jonson It is inspiring to see a man of such maturity engaging the internet and moreover the community : ) All the very best to you. Feel free to join our teamspeak server Tom and we will try to help sort out any difficulty you might be having. I'd like to see that interview, please link me up when you find it and I hope we can celebrate your 80th with a game of GRAW2 together thank you sir, will do
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    wow, struth, very well said, I have never understood why someone who was stung several years ago, just can't let it go and let those of us who continued playing the game alone, and do nothing but bad mouth the game. Great job, if I can get on a game, I will, we all know how hard it is to get things started like before. Before, I would login even if I am the only one and wait, in order to attract other players. That always worked. During slow times, players would look at the game and see no one playing and move on. There are a lot of us that are not knowledge enough to figure things out and making it easier, which looks like you are trying to do, then we will eventually figure it out and get on board. I'm not a good player but I am competitive and enjoy playing mostly multiplayer, but enjoy coop too. I'm not sure if you know my history, but John found out how old I was (75 at the time) and interviewed me to find out what makes me tick and compete with all those younger guys. That interview is posted somewhere on this site. Oh, I will be 80 in a few months. Anyway, thanks, keep up the good works and it will fire up eventually, once us more ignorant, figure it out. have a nice day... Tom1935
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    its called football actually, you know, you use feet to kick a ball? what you call football in america is actually handegg, because you carry an egg in your hands? Makes 100% sense, truth has been spoken once again.
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    On a much lighter note...