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    Perhaps you guys might keep an eye on the gamediggers.net website as we have been playing coop quite a bit on the new gameshare network. and contrary to the above comments we have two servers running 24/7 The gamediggers community still play GRAW2 each and every week. furthermore we invite anyone who has the game to join us. I have tried to do my best to keep the game alive, along with game/share by creating the launcher to make it somewhat easier for players to update their dns setting. Comments such as "the game is dead" does little to encourage anyone who has recently bought the game to engage what is left of the community and undermines the efforts of gameshare. If you can't say something positive then keep your negativity to yourself, have some respect for the boys at gameshare who have invested a huge amount of time, money and effort into reverse engineering the gamespy protocol and have done so without asking for a cent of support from those who still play it. The truth is Blame used to get banned because he expected it was his God given right to play on servers - it cost cold hard cash to run a GRAW2 server (Not to mention the effort) and any player who is a hotshot or not needs to understand it's not a free ride If you don't support the server and community you play on then you need to suck it up buddy, I used to get banned on many US servers but when I engaged the community concerned with a supportive attitude (Donating money) I was always well received. Funny how money talks and Bull$hit walks
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    Greetings All, I read the interview of HU with Apex and downloaded the version. After installing I was it was truly awesome to behold. Although a late comer to the game itself by 7+ years I think I can appreciate what this game is about. I see years of replay-ability in this MOD. For some reason I cannot get the BlackOps to show up in MP. "Launch a multiplayer co-op game, set it to "Elite" difficulty, random maps, no respawn, no threat indicator, no IFF, no time limit, select the "Black Ops" game type and the "Joint Force (Co-Op/Solo)" soldier config, pick from the dozens of player characters and the hundreds of weapons, and just get going. I think you'll know what I try to achieve soon enough. :)" Is the above statement still true? Thanks in advance for your help. -Matt
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    wow, struth, very well said, I have never understood why someone who was stung several years ago, just can't let it go and let those of us who continued playing the game alone, and do nothing but bad mouth the game. Great job, if I can get on a game, I will, we all know how hard it is to get things started like before. Before, I would login even if I am the only one and wait, in order to attract other players. That always worked. During slow times, players would look at the game and see no one playing and move on. There are a lot of us that are not knowledge enough to figure things out and making it easier, which looks like you are trying to do, then we will eventually figure it out and get on board. I'm not a good player but I am competitive and enjoy playing mostly multiplayer, but enjoy coop too. I'm not sure if you know my history, but John found out how old I was (75 at the time) and interviewed me to find out what makes me tick and compete with all those younger guys. That interview is posted somewhere on this site. Oh, I will be 80 in a few months. Anyway, thanks, keep up the good works and it will fire up eventually, once us more ignorant, figure it out. have a nice day... Tom1935