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    Short update: 7 of 10 missions are done 4 of 5 gtf are done 2 if 5 CQB missions are done and here some dev insights showing: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13WjUkQ-mlsG7sBMcfqNAoqGXmtLGbcYX - nice para jump - f18 in action - explosions - disarming claymores - disarming explosives - snipes on the roof
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    Beta v6.0 released. Includes new missions including one that should scratch that old school R6 itch. Attached is the briefing for that mission. WARNO a01 - Moonlit Banshee.pdf
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    I've noticed a number of the original GR/RB6 gamers having issues with today's crop of games and I just want to address a couple of things. Look, I'm just like many of you that miss the old games and have desperately wanted the sequels to have the core gameplay, but updated with new animations and graphics. UBISOFT has taken over the franchise and went into an entirely different direction, building it for the console gamer, and that is exactly what GR:FS is designed for. The PC version for any GR/RB6 game should be radically different from the console version, but can still have some components from it. GR:FS is a fun game to play and is pretty cool, but it is NOT meant to invoke old memories of planning missions and having a great deal of custominization. I do not understand why UBISOFT would release a port of a very good console game for the Speed Test Solitaire essay writer PC since the series has already established itself as the best milsim shooter (outside of the Arma games) that had a strong following years ago. I don't work for them and I do not sit in their board room discussions, but I wonder where such an talented company like that does not have the presence of mind to make the game much like the originals, but updated with all the cool stuff with even smarter AI and map design to make it a challenge for us milsim PC gamers. The game would sell well over a million if they did that and I'm sure the production costs won't be nearly as high. Don't take much to have a awesome map, waypoints for the high speed AI to patrol, objectives, insertion points, and some in-game cinematics. All the PC gamer wants is the armory and planning room to create his teams and come up with a plan to assault the objective in whatever way they see fit. That is all wishful thinking and that game has not been made and we have been asking for it for years now. Like I said, enjoy GR:FS because it is a fun game and has a number of cool moments. It is not what we want, but the game is not horrible, not bad, or sucks. Then again, that is just my opinion.
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    I do some personal changes with the ghost and weapons use m81 woodland and coyote ciras plate and use too 3 colour desert i hope so like them Also i use Reshade from crosire for more image quality 😄
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    There are so much custom assets I forget what is new, what is modded and what is original lol. Anyway, looking forward to playing these missions.
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    Looking for some old school GR players from back in the day 2001-2004 or so. My username was eXodus and was in the X_cal and BsR clans.........used to know alot of players in the = SEALZ= and =RAV= clan . I have been playin alot of FPS games under the the name BurgRat sence then. Used to ladder on THE RUMBLE ladder for GR if anyone remembers that ladder. Im thinking about buying the the next GR FS game for PC of course. I would like to talk with some of the old schoolers if your still around.lol. drop me post on here . thanks.
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    Great stuff - it makes such a difference when modders include short videos! See the bomb disposal, I don't remember seeing that wire cut animation in Ghost Recon - is that custom? Claymore diasming is nice, stops players running around!
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    I just picked it up again after a few years and I'm having a blast. This time I'm playing on Expert with no teammates. So last night I was about to hit a fuel tank which was being escorted. My plan was to block the road and snipe the driver from the piled up traffic. When I was about to block the road, a rebel car drove by. I took their car and placed it across on the road, and noticed the rebels taking cover behind the car and stayed their along with me for a while. And I thought that was hecking cool.
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    So if there is one thing that bothers me the most about Wildlands, its the voice acting. Playing it for the first time I thought it was meh even though it had its moments (Like the jokes! Gotta admit they are on point for the military). But it was the first time I heard most of the dialogue and I wanted to catch the whole story, so I went along with it. Now that I'm hopping into the game again, I find it tarnishes the atmosphere of the game. The semi serious acting just doesn't meet the tone I was trying to get out of it. After hearing "######balls" one time too many decided to experiment. omegle discord xender I completely turned off the voices. When just roaming around it was fine, but once the shooting started without any yelling or radio chatter on either side, I found that wasn't a great experience either. So I changed the spoken language to Spanish. And so far I'm really liking it! It makes sense for the Ghosts to choose operators that are fluent in Spanish and to constantly use it to help reduce suspicion in public and in case of radio interception. Even though I don't speak the language I can still tell what's going on when approaching bases. And to me the voice actors present a more serious tone. It makes other things feel more realistic too, like when a rebel radio transmission is actually in Spanish. If you haven't give it a try and see what you think!
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    Hello everyone, It's been a while - how are you doing? I wanted to revive this thread a little. This mod is pretty old, I was younger and less experienced when I made it. I'm thinking of a remake, but I don't know when I'll be able to make it - but it'll definitely come one day, so stay tuned! Best regards and take care, Peter
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    Punisher has actually released all of his map models to public domain, so if someone feels up to the task, here's the download link.