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    So there's a massive Ghost Recon reveal happening on Thursday 9th May 2019. Ubisoft is hosting at a live event in the UK - (and we are going so watch our @grnet twitter feed for live info) - can't say where it is though - that would just be stupid. 😎 But in fact you are all invited, because Ubisoft is live streaming this event - and here's how you can join in. WHEN IS THE GHOST RECON REVEAL LIVE EVENT? Thursday 9th May 2019 at the following time TIME ZONES PDT 11:30 am GMT 6:30 pm COUNTRIES LOS ANGELES 10:30 am NEW YORK 1:30 pm UK 6:30 pm PARIS 7:30 pm MELBOURNE 4:30 am on Friday morning. WHERE TO WATCH THE GHOST RECON REVEAL LIVE EVENT The event will be live streamed from the following locations. If you cant be bothered remembering them just come back here on Thursday to this exact post, and the Twitch stream will be playing at the foot of this very post. https://skelltechnology.com/skellcon twitch.tv https://www.youtube.com/ubisoft and finally, we will be live tweeting from the UK event at https://twitter.com/grnet WHAT IS THE LIVE EVENT ALL ABOUT? There is not much to go on but specialisation includes a full Ghost Recon Wildlands sequel, new Wildlands DLC, or a new Wildlands game crossover. What we do have are the following teaser images.
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    PROPOSED SINGLEPLAYER SETUP Standard Characters MICH 2000, tactical headset, Maritime CIRAS, PCU jacket, and basic cargo pants 3 variants per environments Face variants 4 full beard 4 partial facial hair (all have at least a mustache) Helmet variants BDU camouflage cover: M81 woodland and DCU MARPAT camouflage cover: woodland and desert Paint: green and desert Snakeskin: green and desert Solid color: black, dark sandstone, olive drab Will be available in MP (pics are from local MP test) Kits: a streamlined version of what they will have in MP to keep load times down Specialists Will include a standard set, but any faction changes for SP will likely be done by just changing the specialists
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    I'm so triggered when I see people post that one reason why we don't have a team AI anymore is because AI is prohibitively difficult to code. No it is not. We don't need a team AI that is so intelligent we can actually believe we are playing with humans, we just need a friendly team to do two things. Do not blindly walk in front of enemies or into crossfires. Go where I tell you to go, and do what I tell you to do. That's not hard, you know why? Because in 2001 Ghost Recon did it. And people would have you believe its "too difficult" 18 years later with monumental processing power at our disposal? Let us path our friendly AI and give them ROE, just like GR1 - it was unbelievably cool how well the team AI responded to situations, that's all I want. Also.... Ever notice how very few shooter games have doors that actually open? Think about it. Not many, right? A developer once told me it's because it is actually extremely hard to achieve this - and I believe him - because that's what he does - code games. And if he tells me he HATES doors, then I believe him. But guess what - WE HAD THEM IN AN EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD GAME, and nobody bitched about it being so hard they couldn't be bothered putting it in the game. The point being, don't tell me that somethings is too hard, or you are progressing a series with natural evolution, when what you are really doing is removing features. /Rant over
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    OOOOOH BOY! Im excited
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    Operation Oracle
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    So cool reading this thread and seeing that my missions were being played a decade after I made them. Loved those missions! Great work you're doing Jack and great to see players still enjoying the magic of GR. I think back to CentCom and working with Jay on the few extra missions I did and I remember how amazing the mod was. And looking really good now Jack. Would love it if someone could do a playthrough of the missions I made using this mod.
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    If only I put that diligence towards things like getting the CENTCOM maps converted to HU game modes with the zoning and then sorting out all of the kit images so that it's not just a bunch of blank boxes. As for SP, I have working the standard characters working. Have not started work on specialists. Some details on how I'm arranging the classes. Rifleman: general purpose, widest range of secondary options. Has lighter rockets and grenade launchers for increased versatility. Support: machine guns galore. Has all of the different machine guns available except for the CBJ since that thing is odd. Sniper: variety of long range rifles. Demolitions: has rockets, breaching equipment (not available with rifleman), grenade launchers, and explosives.
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    Haha, joking aside though, for me - this is a huge decision that Ubisoft have made. With Wildlands there was a section of the community, Ghost Recon vets, that said Wildlands was a step too far removed from Ghost Recon, so much so that it no longer deserved the title of Ghost Recon, it simply was no longer worthy of its predecessors. It was a GREAT game, but it was not a Ghost Recon game. I argued against that, there was much of what made Ghost Recon great, even though some aspects were indeed missing. But on the whole, I was supportive, and still am, of Wildlands. With Breakpoint though, no. I am sure it will be a great game and I will definitely be playing it - but it is NOT a game that should have Ghost Recon on the box. Ghost Recon is small infantry tactical gaming. Breakpoint is one man (unless you are in co-op but they don't explain that one away), against an overwhelming enemy. This is not Ghost Recon.
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    Current main Ghost designs with custom tiger stripe camo
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    Started messing with recolors of tiger stripe with some gradients, colors based on the different variations of Multicam (normal, arid, tropic, and alpine). Ghost Recon Tiger Stripe (Transitional) Ghost Recon Tiger Stripe (Arid) Ghost Recon Tiger Stripe (Tropical) Ghost Recon Tiger Stripe (Arctic)
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    Too futuristic..................bring back cloaking. 🤔
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    Excuse me "ranting" all over the place... Ubisoft says they took all the things people wanted and implemented them into the game (bloused boots, ugh).... -People asked for improved squad AI and found a word that rhymed with it...removed. -A game focused on the desperation and isolation of the scenario sounds interesting...but in the actual gameplay shown its basically business as usual...just more hi-tech Questions I came away with: -Is the game balanced for a SP campaign or for 4-player co-op? -If the synch shot is now done via drones and all characters are persistent does that mean each individual player in the co-op team gets drone synch shot too? -There is no way a game designed to be "accessible" to everyone and of this scale can maintain the illusion that the player is always overwhelmed and hunted.... hell youd hardly be able to move about anywhere if you were so overwhelmed by the environment that you cant seek cover or concealment and are forced to "hide in the open" ...I look forward to seeing more gameplay in how they plan to set the tone, see if they can make players feel like prey instead of predators....few games manage it for short scenarios (crysis when u first get ambushed by nanosuit enemies, a few of the bodark ambushes). After the Wildlands trailer I felt anticipation because of the great potential of the game...it is the opposite here, this will be a wait and see situation...it goes beyond the missing squad..its a combination of things to include the bad guys who look like rejects from Bungies Destiny game...
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    Hi there! Some photos by my photomode from GRW. 1) "HARD SUN" 2) "WALKER" 3) "Zero Dark Thirty" Thanx! Aranha
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    Two weird things, only 4x4 for PvP, and no solo AI. That aside, wow, this looks awesome! Carry dead bodies and team mates? CHECK! Ghost v Ghost storyline? CHECK! Jungle maps? CHECK! Huge play area? CHECK! New kill moves? CHECK! Snow? CHECK! Ghost Recon limp back? CHECK! New mud camo? CHECK! There was something else that had been asked for over and over that's included but I forgot already - there's too much to get excited about here...!
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    Looks like Wildlands 2.0, with a lot of community requested features making it in! Very excited about the injuries system, too!
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    Settled for Razer, just came in today...
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    Operation Greenstone mentioned today by Ubi too....
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    If I can ever figure out how to get OBS to NOT freeze on a frame during recording, then I may just do that @Lightspeed. They are pretty cool missions, especially the hostage rescue in the city where you start on the balcony. So probably going to drastically cut down on how I handle the MP kit restrictions. Seems that I went way overboard and ended up making the launch time for the game way longer than it needs to be since afaik, the game checks every single line in the kit restriction files for any syntax errors before either launching the game or ending the launch if a syntax error is found. I'm looking for more details about this and started a thread to discuss this here. I'm looking at drastically cutting down the number of MP kit restrictions by limiting AI backup options to 2 per unit (loud and suppressed) with novelty options thrown in as I feel like it (exact setups will vary depending on the faction). With a stronger SP setup coming in the next update, the loss in MP can be somewhat made up in SP. Cutting down the number will also make certain operations like adding in new personal skins to MP much less time consuming. If you have any feedback on how you use the MP kit restrictions, please let me know so that I can figure out the best way to go about this. As for new skins, I'm still working on how I want the main "Ghosts" to look. I've got the jungle and winter guys now setup with pre-2004 Multicam (at least my best representation of it) vests since it's more green. I am also looking at making the ball cap and left leg magazine pouches visible again since it seems I managed to disable blood effects on the main body by doing so. Not sure if it's something to worry about or not though.
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    Spicy leaks from someone who leaked Persona 5 on reddit.
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    Leveling UP your weapons in Tier One Mode seems daunting. Hundreds of thousands of resources to get 1 weapon to level 30. However, if you do it right, you can level up a weapon from level 0 to level 30 in only a couple hours. Even less once you get the strategy down. With the right crew, I have been able to do this in less than 1 hour. Here's the deal... Split up. 4 Convoys for the time of 1. BAM. We big balin' now! "That seems like a good idea in theory. The problem Swifty, is when someone else tags their convoy I don't get any resources. Makes me feel rejected, just like high school gym class. Am I doing something wrong?" "There there friend. You're not being rejected, you're a wonderful person. Nubisoft is trying to get you to actually buy resources from them, because they are greedy bumholes. Let me explain the work around for you, step by step." 1. Take out the convoy escort vehicles, the driver and passenger. DO NOT tag supplies yet. 2. Type 'join' in your chat. 3. Quickly open your map and deselect the convoy you are about to tag. Then reselect it. This will allow your crew to promptly join the mission. 4. Once everyone has joined that mission, you can now tag the supplies. Everyone will get the supplies, wherever they are in Goobersoft's Boliva. 5. Make sure you join other's convoy missions when you see a fresh 'join' message in chat. "But Swifty, how the f-ck do I steal a convoy all by myself?" "It's easy little buddy, let me walk you through it." 1. Destroy the escort vehicles. 2. EMP the convoy truck. 3. Shoot Driver in the face. 4. Shoot Passenger in the face. 5. Tag that sh-t. "OK Swifty, but how the f-ck do I destroy the escorts? Some of them even have a helicopter! I'm only 1 little buddy." "It's OK friend, we got this! Lemme break it down for you." Method 1: Super Pro 1. Find yourself a small heli with guns. Not rockets, guns. 2. If there is a Heli guarding the convoy, it goes down first. You can shoot it from a distance, but I prefer the humpback method. I simply land my chopper on top of the enemy chopper. The magic of Ubish-t video game physics allows you to do this without taking damage to your own heli. "King Kong ain't got sh-t on me!" 3. Shoot the escorts from the air*. If you're lucky (or as accurate as a porn star on nitrous) you'll get the driver and the escort will just stop. If not, just shoot it until it blows up. *Try not to shoot the Convoy Truck itself. The Heli bullets can sometimes destroy the convoy with only a couple bullets if you hit the back of the convoy vehicle. 4. Shoot the front or Side of the Convoy Truck until it is at 1/3 health. It Will stop. Driver and Passenger will jump out. 5. Shoot the Passenger. Method 2: Semi Pro 1. Get yourself a small heli. 2. Land on a vantage point with a clear line of sight to the convoys route. 3. Use your DT HTI (or some such) and shoot the escort vehicle that is leading the convoy. 4. Shoot the Heli if there is one. 5. Shoot the rear escort vehicle. *During this long range attack, you may have to get back to your chopper and fly to a new vantage point. Once the shooting starts, the convoys speeds up and you have to stay within ~1km of it or you will lose the mission. 6. EMP the Convoy. 7. Shoot the passenger with a low penetration weapon. 8. Shoot the passenger with a low penetration weapon. Method 3: The (buddy) System 1. Get an Attack Chopper. 2. Have a Gunner and a Pilot. 3. The Pilot uses Missiles to destroy Escorts. 4. The Gunner uses Gun to Stop Convoy by shooting it until it is at 1/3 health so it stops. 5. If the rest isn't obvious at this point, uninstall game. "Wow Swifty, you're some kind of genius! However, sometimes other SB hippies or UD pervs show up and bang me with their big barrels from behind! Any advice?" "Thanks little buddy! I wouldn't call myself a genius, but I am pretty damn smart. Of course I have some advice for you, listen up, I'm about to change your life!" 1. Pay attention to your surroundings BEFORE you engage the escorts. If those UD pervs even smell your smoking barrel, they gonna get involved. So wait until you are a good distance away from any UD installation. 2. Once the escorts are out of the way, you don't have to stop the convoy right away. Look at the map, and make sure there are no enemy installations around. Once you hit dirt, anyone around -SB or UD- will want to get some. 3. Land a few hundred meters in front of the convoy, on the LEFT side of the truck. This makes shooting the driver easier. EMP it. If you can, shoot the driver first, just beware of the mooching SB hippie in the passenger seat. "THANK YOU Swifty, you're the man! How can I show you my gratitude? Are you busy Friday night?" "You're welcome little buddy, but let's keep this professional. If we ever end up in a game together, just play smart. Keep chill and save the salt for PvP. Good luck Fam! Have fun!"
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    This is one of the best missions added so far I think. I loved it. Have you guys played through it yet? I was hoping to get a new vest with the Ghost Recon Skull on it. Would of been the best!
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    Started process of setting up SP kits. Standard characters will not have nearly the arsenal that exists in MP, but this is due to large kit folders having a noticeable load time. Rifleman kits are sitting at about 450 kits right now, will experiment with load times and see if I need to scale it back some (SR-47 will be the first to go in that case). The standard group of specialists will be used to add in weapons not included in the standard kits. Looking at making addons for different groups so you can play them in SP.
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    Yeah, Helios' hard work and commitment to quality abundantly shows. I told him that it blows my mind what he's achieved alone in comparison to what the Ground Branch team has accomplished, which I also own. At this point in time, Ground Branch's AI pales in comparison to what's encoded in Black Day now. A handful of the environments are still obviously under construction in Black Day. Please keep in mind that Helios' game is still in early access, and that those maps that are done/nearly done are captivating and convincing. There are a ton of maps, and the weather effects are overwhelming. The snow effects on the winter time maps - gah! If you haven't suffered from the real life polar vortex that's hitting North America, you'll FEEL it in Black Day! 😊 I've already posted in my Steam review that the AI needs some work when it comes to interior environments. That said, there are some maps where the AI does VERY well with interior spaces, and other maps where they struggle some. It forces me to conclude that his current build of the AI is already quite solid, and perhaps "all" that he really needs to keep doing is flagging windows and doors for the AI to recognize them better, etc. Whatever it is that still needs to be done on this front, most of the time, Black Day's AI is significantly superior to Arma III's infantrymen. At least Black Day's AI don't do the "stop, then slowly pivot on heels, step, stop again, slowly pivot on heels some more, and then shoot" maneuvers that the AI in Arma are constantly stuck doing. 😜 They'll call out to one another (when they're relaxed, they convincingly complain about The Suck of a soldier's life, and it's touches like that that always makes me smirk), they'll throw grenades (not as frequently as in Insurgency: Sandstorm, but I tend to think that Sandstorm's AI goes a wee bit crazy with the smoke grenade spamming that they constantly do), they'll call out where they've spotted enemies, send out an element in an effort to outflank, use crossing lanes of fire, try to keep you pinned down, they'll climb OVER OBSTRUCTIONS just as you can, and much more. Is the game's AI as astounding as SWAT 3's AI...? No, but what game's AI has even matched SWAT 3's grand AI achievements from 20 years (eep!) ago? Answer (very sadly): NONE. There hasn't been a single AAA title that's come out that can touch even half of what SWAT 3 did. That said, Black Day's AI's performance is still very admirable and challenging. And keep in mind that I'm judging all of this with the AI set to "Medium." Who knows what we'll get if we crank it up further? I'll bet that if that's done, one will need to reduce the number of AI that's randomly generated on the map. Bottom line: you will get your money's worth with the current release's build. Most of the time, you will be pressed hard once combat starts. Black Day's AI will frequently call for reinforcements. Things get hot and messy quit quickly. It's vital to dispatch the enemy VERY rapidly, before they can get The Word out. And I cannot emphasize this enough: as I stated in my review, MOBILITY is UNBELIEVABLY important. Unlike our beloved Ghost Recon, you will NOT get hung up on the edges of terrain, or be kept from an edge by an "invisible fence." The number of times that I've desperately climbed one boulder and rock after another with bullets shattering around me...! As a result of the game's design, my real heart's racing and it's hard for my lungs to do their thing. Yeah - GREAT immersion, and with tactical thinking that's so challenging that it makes my nose bleed. I love games that make my brain hurt, and this one does it very well indeed. Really - buy this game. It has a steep learning curve, but not in the sense that you'd expect. It has so many thoughtful variables, and the impact of adjusting just one is usually pretty profound, and that after getting your butt handed to you several times in a row, you'll likely conclude, "Hmm, I think it's time I dial that variable down a bit and maybe that one too..." It took me several hours to find a set of variables that I was really comfortable with, but the in-game combat and tactics will be very familiar to us (well, except all of the climbing that one can do if one isn't too encumbered). Which, by the way, reminds me... Go ahead, OVERBURDEN yourself with gear. As you use your gear, your character gets lighter, and one's physical capabilities and options rightfully increase. And one more point: the game's FUN. When I first bought it, I didn't know that it came with Science Fiction variables, ala Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid. Now, I do enjoy games like that (the STALKER series, once judiciously modded, is very dear to my heart), but for some reason, it strongly annoyed me at first to see Cyborgs, Robots, and Security Systems listed as variables; I thought that I was buying a HARDCORE tactical game, so why are these Sci-Fi elements there? 😄 Now without any of these elements added into one's sandbox, the game IS fun, but I guarantee that you're going to get a BIG KICK out of trying out the Sci-Fi stuff, and likely keep them in most of the experiences you design. Out of the three, the one that I used with the least reservation was the Security System; cameras then appear, as do laser barriers - folks, just adding these into a scenario REALLY adds MEANINGFUL complexity to the game. Believable too. The Cyborgs and Robots add a significant challenge, as they're tougher, and faster than normal humans. They don't look "dumb," and their aesthetics fit the "normal" units well, and thus they don't break immersion visually. Yeah, just get the game already! 😆 After playing it for a few days, let Helios know how you feel and what you think. Whenever he updates it, commit more time to it (trust me, playing it again won't be a chore), and give him more detailed feedback. It's to everyone's advantage to do this: we'll (finally!) get a game we've been waiting literally decades for, and with our input he'll make more money, and VERY DESERVEDLY so. Man, has he earned it in spades! Also, post a review on Steam. Black Day is a sincerely well made gem, and I have no doubts that with enough support from the game's fans, his final build will be an undoubtedly "classic" title. One for the history books. I already strongly think it's there. I love it. 👍😃👍
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    I think this is a big problem with the promo video - it made it look like their is soul switching, like Ghost Recon 1, - but there isn't! There is no AI team in Breakpoint.