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    I received permission from Panic to post this slideshow I made of his screenshots posted in this thread. Thanks Panic!
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    Dear community, friends, I want to invite you to our little project called "GRAW2 Revive". Like struth__ said - In 2018 You CAN PLAY G.R.A.W.2 multiplayer again! Gamerecon.net has servers to manage that. And Ghostrecon.org bouhgt VPS to set-up dedicated server for every Friday online play (8:00 PM +01 GMT) You can play on-line in TDM servers 144Hz with 32 slots. You will find more usefull informations on the links below: - WWW GRAW 2: http://www.ghostrecon.org - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ghostrecon - DISCORD: https://discord.gg/D5HdanY Also simple video from testing. If you like it - please join and lets start playing together like in old days. Multiplayer "party" in every Fridays. - P.S. Ghostrecon.net administrators - can I ask to reset my account with email abuse@ghostrecon.org? There is no resend pass link and password forgotted seems to not working for me. Thanks.
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    Hey guys, its been a while I posted something, so here goes.. I made a glitch text effect for Ghost Recon.net, hope you all like it. cheers. ghostreconnet HD.mp4
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    love it m8, feel free to use whatever you want, edit to your liking etc have been watching your other screenshot vids, loving them, makes me want to drop into the game again
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    Logos... Enjoy... GRlogo HD.mp4
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    better one.. ghostreconnet 2 HD.mp4
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    Funny and old Ghost Recon Video
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    Yeah, probably best to keep it dependent to just CENTCOM since it's no longer in active development. As for those weapons, something that will probably come in time. I want to focus on getting more of the core gameplay in before adding in a bunch of little things. Been plating around with a few things and have made some substantial changes: Incorporating some high resolution sights (irons and optical sights) Changed the ACOG sight to one with the red chevron M240 weapon sound changed to the one from HU M4 weapon sounds switched back to defaults (way more impact than the ones I put in) Rate of fire overhaul (semi-auto = HU + 50 to get a more realistic feel without the laggy feeling, full auto based on research) Some new menu backgrounds Night vision and sniper masking switched to the ones from HU
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    OK, now we have one place for YouTube or other videos instead of posting them separately. Baby Hates Miley Cyrus, Loves Bon Jovi
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    Working on adding new weapons. Most of the weapons from Blood Oil are getting added along with some weapons from Heroes Unleashed. What I've added so far: A few more MP5 variants (10mm versions, SD6 w/Eotech and night optic, one with an Eotech, etc.) UMP45 Remington 700 TRG-42 AW Covert M24 with woodland paint AK-103 and AK-104 M200 Intervention PKM with scope M590 breaching version Some of what I plan to add: HK416/417 series P90 A few nice M1911 variants (Kimber, Sig, Springfield) More pistols (57, HK45, USP Tactical) SCAR L/H series M32 MGL USAS-12 AS-50 AWSM .338 Lapua Magnum CBJ series DSR1 XCR series MP7 M40A3 M21 M25 A few more M14 variants What I'm going for is a varied and meaningful selection without getting overly insane. Once I have an arsenal I'm happy with, I'll go through the not fun process of making all the kits and figuring out the kit images (I should be able to pull most of what I need from HU and its extras content. Thanks @ApexMods). With that selection made, I'll go through a MP kit restriction overhaul to provide lots of options for gameplay rather than the haphazard way I put the current MP kit restrictions together. Between the MP5 10mm (Heroes Unleashed), M1911 Operator (Blood Oil), and FBI HRT models (included in latest version of HU), I know what at least one of those new MP kit restrictions is going to look like. As for new missions and maps, here's what I'm looking at: Blood Oil (will get some more tropical environments to play in and a well constructed set of missions) Frostbite (get some winter in there) Do want to pull in some of the HU maps, mainly for MP. Would be maps I personally enjoy and can confirm their command maps work. There's those training missions from the 9MS mod that I like. Want to pull some of those in. Still interested in integrating more of HU's major features into this. Not sure how I want to go about this and if I do, it'll be later into this mod's development after I've setup most of the infrastructure. Pictures!
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    Thanks to you Wombat!
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    Sweet, thanks. Already found some interesting stuff in the CENTCOM Adjustments. Got all of the M4s from the M4 SOPMOD Mod by @pz3. Now you can choose between different stocks for a good portion of the variants. All of his glorious M4s in one place! If I got the numbers right, here is the breakdown on the amount of M4s: 74 M4A1 variants 3 L119A1 variants (British M4A1, all 3 have the L17A1 grenade launcher attached, standard stocks) 11 Mk18/M4 CQBR variants This list doesn't count the different camouflage skins since I don't plan on using them (they aren't realistic since most painted weapons out there don't use a specific uniform camouflage pattern). You can load the M4 SOPMOD skin mods on top of CENTCOM to make it work, but it also affects some of the attachments on different weapons since some of pz3's optics and attachments were used on different weapons, so definitely some cooperation between the different modelers going on.
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    Working on naming overhaul for weapons and kits so that it can actually be organized and easier for me to work with in the future. In the process, found some interesting weapons that are unused AFAIK based on going through all the kit files. M4A1 w/Elcan MGO M4A1 w/PVS14 M249 Para w/Eotech M249 Para w/PVS17 SR-47 w/Aimpoint Seems that the weapons work properly for the most part. Need to fully test them to determine what works and what doesn't. The M249 Para variants seem to work fine, need to test the other weapons when I manage to fix some issues that came from the naming overhaul. And as for these issues... they're the CTD kind where the Ike.log just looks at you and shrugs since it has no idea ###### is going on. Have some pretty pictures of what to look forward to. This is becoming a substantial update where I'm laying more of the groundwork for adding in content later. EDIT: It was so simple... one file was called .gun in the kit files rather than .itm... Have some pics. Looks like the guns work right. Let's just say...
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    Love it, awesome Ghost Recon 2001 vibe.
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    I had my allies run around in Splinter Cell outfits for a while since I got tired of changing them for different environments. As for my character however, I had some nice setups going. Here's one of them. Most of my setups involve running a harness with a pack on. Played around with headgear some, mostly boonie hats and beanies. I'd change the camo around for different environments except for more extreme environments, usually sticking with a solid color coat and the Multicam variants. As for my weapons, I normally ran with Mk14 + MP7 since it's more realistic and extremely versatile. Forget what handgun I ended up settling on, ran 5.7 for a while. I'll see about posting more once the update finishes (it's much larger for non-Steam users). EDIT: pic dump
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    After a couple of months I'm not sure if you are still on this forum, since you posted your question as your first and only post. Not sure what is "ghost recon mods" mod anyway, some more info would be needed to help you out.
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    Many many moons ago, long before the First Men, I put some beer tokens into the hat for this game. The shock of seeing it available on Steam has made me a very happy man. I will now spread the word. Alleluia brothers.
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    Heroes Unleashed - Tertia Optio Version 2.0 Skin Upgrade Pack for Heroes Unleashed
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    Version 2 is released. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Uc73kUeiWPLQ2y_VwCYlEIp1IwKfRdIa EDIT: Am an idiot who didn't update the ModsCont.txt file. Here's the corrected one for those who already started the download. ModsCont.txt Download fixed, link is still the same.
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    @wombat50 The regular Ghosts are replaced, so just use any of the kit restrictions with them. I didn’t mess with the actual kits themselves because I’m lazy and have other things I want to do (like finishing Cloak-and-Dagger v1.4 where you’ll get to play as different enemy factions including some from the main campaigns).
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    So if there is one thing that bothers me the most about Wildlands, its the voice acting. Playing it for the first time I thought it was meh even though it had its moments (Like the jokes! Gotta admit they are on point for the military). But it was the first time I heard most of the dialogue and I wanted to catch the whole story, so I went along with it. Now that I'm hopping into the game again, I find it tarnishes the atmosphere of the game. The semi serious acting just doesn't meet the tone I was trying to get out of it. After hearing "######balls" one time too many decided to experiment. I completely turned off the voices. When just roaming around it was fine, but once the shooting started without any yelling or radio chatter on either side, I found that wasn't a great experience either. So I changed the spoken language to Spanish. And so far I'm really liking it! It makes sense for the Ghosts to choose operators that are fluent in Spanish and to constantly use it to help reduce suspicion in public and in case of radio interception. Even though I don't speak the language I can still tell what's going on when approaching bases. And to me the voice actors present a more serious tone. It makes other things feel more realistic too, like when a rebel radio transmission is actually in Spanish. If you haven't give it a try and see what you think!
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    Hey, guys, Word the newbie here. Since the Screenshot competition is over, I decided to make my own thread to spam with shots and hits taken in Wildlands game. People, part 1 Last supper The All-seeing Killer queen Eye of the storm Admiral Snackbar Bloodline (still no better title) Beer, bikes, bros Witness Mere maid
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    Miscellaneous Camouflight Lammalicious Time is God
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    People, part 2 On the track Off the track Field of mine Go to hell Heart of stone / Rock solid Foreign beggar / Bow, man Wiz Dom Mama, I... Street kingdom Chutecut Saturday night fever