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    @SKIP, got those ball caps done.
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    What can I say, I'm a completionist with a list of other distractions... Got there in the end through, final credits roll! There are very few games in my multi-hundred library I have actually ever completed, but Wildlands is one of them and I really really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to playing it again in Ghost Mode - right after I play this alternative ending....
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    I try. Pretty sure I've gotten past "attempts" according to the thread title at this point. I am taking requests btw, just finished some prototypes for @EzyzBasta. I say again, I am taking requests. PM me if interested. EDIT: Adjustments made to the desert and jungle skins.
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    Anyone want some blue jeans? Scaling a bit big but already adjusted my base file. And my personal fave picture from this bunch for reasons~
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    from the patchnotes: can't wait to play this! not really what i was expecting but every interested what the devs have created for us. And i have to say: buying Wildlands, after not playing any games for a couple of years, has been great. i am totally hooked on this game. just i was back in the day with the original Ghost Recon. Now, only if i could create some weaponskins myself.......
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    I might go a step further and say "then you might be playing the wrong game". The Ghost Recon series has NEVER been forgiving. The very first GR game millions of decades ago received the same "arrrrgh de enemy, he iz to super human with his one shot kills!". Welcome to Ghost Recon: careless = dead.
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    I recently upgraded my PS4 to a PS4 Pro (Wildlands gets a noticable performance boost with the Pro) and decided to do another play through. But a little different this time -Extreme difficulty -ALL HUD elements turned off -radio and music turned off seriously i can't recommend this enough, my immersion level has jumped through the roof this time around. Dare I say it feels like GR on Elite with HU.
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    So we have been having a few issues with users being logged out of the forums. To try and track the issue down they forum theme has been reverted to the default white scheme. No member should be seeing the special dark wildlands theme we have been using - only a standard white design. Let's see how we get on with this, if there are any issues - let me know!
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    From Ubisoft Forums: Studio update on Special Operation 2 Thread Hi Ghosts, We’re aware of certain issues that our players have been facing since the release of Special Operation 2. We thank you for sharing your feedback, our teams are actively looking into the issues you have raised. We will share more information with you next week. In the meantime, we have added a SWAT Icons pack for free that all players can download, in the Featured Content section our Store. Ash, Pulse and Thermite are waiting for you We thank you for your patience. We’ll be in touch soon, Ghosts! -UBI-Alien I went and got the free SWAT icons at the store. Was not much of a hassle and I wouldn't buy these but to good to pass up for free. I tried to edit the appearance as like normal character's face but I could not do it. Icons are what they are. Must be to placate players until UBISoft get a hotfix out for the bugs in Special Ops 2 Update.
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    It does seem like a buggy mission, I'm looking for a quick patch update from ubi....
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    SP character overhaul. The regular SF soldiers are still the base, but lots of other skins mixed in. Here's an example of what's possible without any specialists (Delta rifleman, SFG Sniper with armor, SEAL pointman, SEAL radioman).
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    Wildlands has much better stealth than OGR. Wildlands also has some of the most mediocre stealth gameplay I've ever played. Make of that what you will.
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    Honestly, I don't put OGR on the pedestal that some others seem to put it on. It's fun and I enjoy it, but it's numerous limitations prevent me from placing it at the top of realistic tactical shooters. It's streamlined nature does make it quick to get into and easy to sit down for a few quick games, but it only covers a small scope of what's possible. Something like ARMA 3, while clunky, has a ton more options in mission types and more in-depth mechanics. The AI in OGR is fun to play against, but it really comes down to good mission making and script writing to show true intelligence. There's a difference between the enemy responding well to contact (micro stuff like suppressing fire, flanking, taking cover, etc.) and then showing active intelligence to prevent you from completing your mission (this gets into more macro scale and detailed specifics like setting traps, ambushes, intelligent patrol patterns, larger scale communication, specific actions like hostage execution, etc.). OGR AI does get a good portion of the micro stuff done well while the macro stuff varies depending on how the mission was made. Overall, I do find OGR AI engaging, but it does get predictable and can be taken advantage of. By far the most engaging AI I've fought is ARMA 3 Zeus. While the enemy is mostly AI, a good Zeus will be able to breathe that extra bit of life and intelligence into the enemy and environment. The enemy is no longer just doing scripted patterns until you decide you want to disrupt it. Zeus can setup more intricate events and introduce unique scenarios that challenge players. One example I remember is being on a mission where one of our team members got wounded and ended up being taken hostage on the spot. Nothing preplanned, nothing scripted. An impromptu action made on the spot. With a good Zeus, you can fight an enemy that is dynamically war gaming with you, not just executing scripted maneuvers that become predictable with enough time. I've actually toyed around with making a thread along the lines of "OGR isn't realistic, change my mind" to play devil's advocate for the fun of it. I find OGR realistic, but definitely not at the top of what's out there. The claim of OGR being the most realistic tactical shooter is relatively easy to utterly destroy; just prove there are enough limitations to put something else on top. The claim of OGR being realistic would be much harder to defeat and something I wouldn't mind trying to do for fun since I enjoy a good debate.
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    Just a little thing I recorded (took numerous attempts, not something that you're likely to pull off in the moment).
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    Did some work on the boonie hats, good times. Changed my skin to use a Dark Navy Blue boonie hat for woodland/transitional (originally black) and Desert Tiger Stripe for desert/arid (originally tan). Also should be able to add the balaclavas to the boonie hat face textures easily (perhaps useful for winter boonie hat setups).
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    LOL, what was it, about 30Gb and it installed without you knowing haha!
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    When your uplay starts up again, there will be an update button before you can launch GRW. This adds a new Ghost War menu option.
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    Indiazoop - I have no idea how you fixed this but well done! I have created a download entry for this at http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=1436 Thanks!
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    Improved the AOR 1 camo from above. Still need to actually go play with the hats at some point.
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    I rarely fast travel and make it a point to steal enemy vehicles when I need one. Something interesting usually happens doing it this way. On my second play through of Fallen Ghost.
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    Yeh this issue predates the upgrade yesterday. Okay I have updated the forum theme to the latest version so all forum software is now bang up to date. The forum cache has also been cleared. If that error message comes up again please let me know.
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    Okay this does not happen to me at all might be difficult to trouble shoot. I'll start wit that error message first because that is 3 members now have given me that error message. Hang tight guys I'm on the case, sorry for the frustration!
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    Had the same problem. Had to click on a user post to access the thread with all the replies.
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    Checking out the PC version for the free weekend! It's awesome but as I suspected my computer performance couldn't handle the cool graphics without some serious tweaks. Anyway I decided to bring the Conflict: Desert Storm team out of retirement!
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    Yeh I play on extreme, and have activated Tier One mode. This is HARD, I play every mission many times before it is successful. I like the challenge, and it stops me breezing through the entire campaign without taking it all in and enjoying it. I have not dispensed with the mini map though.......