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    hey all thought i'd share these photos i took last year on my canon 700D. Hope you like...
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    Hello all, I'd just like to let the ghost recon community know that the Gamereocon community, currently playing GRAW2 online together (you lucky devils) are back up after our a short two or three days of downtime. Anyone can join in the fun, there is no cost or tricks involved other than running our luncher and creation an account just like you did with GameSpy. You can download all you need at our website, simply google gamerecon - Services & Resources for Multiplayer Gaming Communities or just click on the link in my signature below Its been a big task to keep this system up and running and we seem to be getting some extra traffic so come get some. Enjoy!
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    Pros My initial thoughts on the game were pretty harsh since it seemed like a 180 from ghost recon future solder, but as I've been playing it lately I've actually come to love it . It pushes the boundaries of depth and immersion for a realistic setting , its 4 player coop , Is one of the first games I've ever seen to emphasize the importance of situational awareness and how nicely layered level design can hinder or improve a missions success not to mention that some missions are very creative and get intense at times. Even for those who didn't find to much of a challenge you can customize your HUD for a more realistic experience if you desire. The expansion Fallen Ghosts had the exact tone that I wish the entire game carried. I think my favorite enemy was El yayo because he felt like a real character, as far as the most impactful missions those would be These were some of the only missions that made me feel like there were real consequences for trying to turn a Cartel that had a grip on the whole nation, on its head. Cons Not enough cut scenes, poor voice acting, AI Civilians every freaking where and even when ###### got thick they would run toward gun fire or stay right there and cower. Me spawning a vehicle and not being able to find it in a dire situation (limited/no HUD). Being able to change your entire load out on the fly. That mechanic by itself makes the idea of a weapons crate in bases redundant. The release of pvp came awhile after the release of the game and to my disappointment it was a bit lackluster however I haven't sunk an incredible amount of time in it yet so maybe there's more to love that I'm not giving it credit for. However currently it just seems like a glorified squad death match to me where you hunt each other, however it was made clear that it wasn't meant to be this kind of game I believe a lot more could have been done. The objective based, team work oriented pvp in ghost recon future soldier in my eyes is the best. Thats without even mentioning the beautifully designed multiplayer maps. ~Just wanted to share
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    Exciting news for Wildlands screenshots fans! Update GeForce Experience for this... Let's see what you can do guys....
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    hello guys! yes Giampi :-) , we did a great work back in the days :-)
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    Target sighted. When the target grabs her neck after being shot it reminded me of something, like, I've seen this before.... EVAC! Love this shot. Mission complete.
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    Skyrim.. Night.. Day..
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    I've been thinking about posting an update review too because I just love this game the more I play it. I think putting on Tier mode helped because it leads you down a path where the difficulty level is just like the original Ghost Recon and you WILL be punished hard for making mistakes.
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    Today I remembered I had a Dropbox account and was able to retrieve login and password. With a big surprise I found the zip file of this old alpha phase mode. What a great work Ingeloop did! I played the first mission I scripted and it was a blast! meaning I have been wiped out in 3 minutes Problem is that time is little otherwise I would really like to go back to modding and release this mod!
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    Hi guys and gals! It's been a long time. At work so I can't talk too much at the moment, but wanted to let you all know that the old fart Apex is still around, slowly chiseling away at GRHU.
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    Doesn't leave much time to fish does it?
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    Unrelated to this slideshow but my Shadowplay has all at once quit recording audio. It's always somethin'
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    So I had been trying to complete the El Muro mission for several nights. On Tier 39 the UniDad are basically like the original Ghost Recon ie you pop your head around the wrong corner and BOOM you are dead. This, combined with El Muro making an escape and being very elusive made this a real challenge. So tonight I blocked his escape route to see what he would do. He basically kept ramming it until he would get through. I think it was the added weight of the helicopter I parked on top of one of the jeeps that did the trick. Anyway, I jumped out and pulled him out of his driving seat while he was ramming my blockade. HA. And this unlocked El Sueno!
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    Finally completed this mission, it was the toughest yet. It was the first time I actually used the rest of the team as support, moving ahead through the tunnel network. It was also the first time I felt I really had to use frags. Cool that this mission forced me to adopt new strategies.
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    Merry Christmas Ghosts, I hope Santa was good to you and wish you all the best for 2018!
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    Ok, that's what I thought. I made some simple adjustments and have them as additional restriction files so that the originals are left intact. Also made a video with some testing of the mod.
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    New Toy is a good description. The Grand Theft Auto strategy although fun is not very effective. Like a really good museum Wildlands can not be seen in one day. It's a game with legs.
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    Add another newcomer. Here is a sample of my first day. I'd recommend GR:Wildlands.
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    Hey all. Here' a couple of videos of our LMS Tournament we had recently. We are always looking for more players to have fun with in my Discord. So you should go ahead and join it if you'e all about Ghost Recon. Thanks and have a nice day. https://discordapp.com/invite/kd2aRzp
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    Yeh the just added it to the latest version so I had to update too - lots of fun and lots of potential for imaginative movie makers!
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    Download Version 1.1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=11UV8q_hMAv_C6b4Dk0S8-dW6UFYyVet_ Download Size: 391 MB Full Mod Size: 1.80 GB My Heroes Unleashed addon, Cloak-and-Dagger is now ready for release. As for the main features: Weapon rebalancing Kit compiling (SP weapon selection greatly enhanced) New skins New missions (both SP and MP) New MP kit restrictions Read Me Credits Go have fun and let me know what you think. Any updates will be added to this post. UPDATE: Version 1.1 released. I have removed access to Version 1.0. See the updated Read Me for the change log.
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    All of these shots are brilliant
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    Only my opinion but if you use the Eskwaads characters unaltered it should be fine.
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    Yes, Alex has done amazing work with his GR community SDK! While I didn’t find the time for trying them myself, the new 3DSM and PS plugins, as well as his 010 Editor templates should make life a lot easier for GR modders. Absolutely Inspiring work, Alex! Thank you so much!!!
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    Sounds good Apex. What's fun with all these mods is the different styles of gameplay that can be achieved. I look forward to your next update for Heroes, should be interesting to see what changes were made. As for Cloak-and-Dagger v1.2, I'm working through several adjustments. Weapon stabilization is one that is interesting to play with. I lowered the stabilization time on machine guns to 1.2x the original instead of 2x so that they are still effective at suppression. 2x was way too much for them except for maybe some of the smaller ones. Also added a little more zoom to longer weapons without scopes, doesn't seem to be working for some reason. Went through the kit files individually and adjusted ammo values to certain rules and increase consistency (there were some weapons that got missed and various inconsistencies that had to be dealt with). See below for a list on the general rules on ammo. Class restructuring that I'm looking at for MP as well. Rifleman have no access to grenade launchers or rocket launchers (the demolitions class will still have them, giving reason to use them outside of needing rockets or demo). Machine gunners and snipers have no secondary restrictions imposed by me. Removing rockets, grenade launchers, and pistols (except for maybe that one kit restriction with pistols) as primaries. Keep in mind that all of these weapons are available as secondaries. General Ammo rules SMGs, PDWs, assault rifles, and battle rifles typically have 8 magazines (Kriss Vector gets more because of it's low capacity). Secondary multi-shot grenade launchers get 3 magazines worth of ammo Single-use rockets get 1 shot, reusable rocket launchers get 3. Secondary pistols and carbines typically have 4 magazines, low capacity pistols get 6. Machine gunners get to hump lots of ammo. 500-600 rounds typical load. Extra ammo kits get a significant amount of extra ammo, sometimes over 50% increase (machine guns with extra ammo typically 800-1000 rounds).
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    Anyone here played it? It can be more frustrating than the Battlefield series, it's got something in common with OGR though I can't quite put my finger on it, nevertheless, I thought I'd try cause I can't stop playing it... PUBG is a battle royal that's as much about desition making as it is about shooting or accuracy as you must always remain aware of the shrinking player area that can be difficult to predict, not to mention navigate, all the while scavenging for weapons, attachments, armor, health packs and yes, transport for when you need to move a long distance to remain within the player zone. It's absolutely riveting stuff when the key to being the last one standing, or lying, as the case often is at the end of a round, is not how fast you can aim your gun, not how accurate you are at throwing grenades, but how well you match your tactics with the loadout that you previously looted earlier on in the game. I won my first "chicken dinner" (round) using only a red dot sight! I kept low and chose my time to engage at close range to achieve the highest chance of success as I only had a very basic loadout, I did have a silencer and that sealed the fate of others who chose to engage me at distance with a 15x PM scope, I simply through smoke and positioned myself inside the zone waiting for him to be forced to move, it didn't turn out well for the sniper facing my fully optioned Tommy gun on auto at under twenty yards and no one heard a thing, in fact, I doubt anyone saw me apart from the lone sniper who wished he didn't. There are no two rounds that will turn out the same, you can go lone wolf or in teams of two, four or even in squads of eight with the total number of players on the map at approximately 100, however, that number drops fast because even though size of the map is huge, players tend to go to the same places where loot is known to be plentiful and shoot it out early. Others spread out purposelessly to avoid engagement, others just load up a shotgun with a chock and lay and wait for an unsuspecting looter to arrive and become the looted lol. There really is no end to the tactics you can devise in this early access game that's taking the world by storm. As far as graphics are concerned it looks somewhat like an updated version of OGR, or rather, more what I would have preferred for the GR series to have turned out, I'm not much for level up systems like BF including players lighting up all over the map and giving away positions from UAV's & drones, whatever. In PUBG you give your position away by engaging your enemy inappropriately or making mistakes, timing is everything; when to set a trap & ambush, when to loot or when to hunt, when to move and when to camp, or perhaps you'll drive? That always turns out interesting lol Anyway I rate it 9 out of ten chickens and I'm not alone, it's about to overtake CSGO as the most popular online game selling almost five million copies in five months since it's release and a hundred million in revenue. In fact, Microsoft just secured a deal with Bluehole releasing it on Xbox in an effort to kick the sh!# out of sony. Well, I'm off to play another round of PUBG, please add me on steam and team up to share in a "chicken dinner!" together.
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    So late but Happy New Year Apex!
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    Same here. Excellent slideshow.
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    Made a small add-on featuring the new weapons settings I'm testing for v1.2. Let me know what you think so that I can fine tune them for the next release of Cloak-and-Dagger. Activate it with higher priority than Cloak-and-Dagger v1.1 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZVEchRi_305E4IzJL4cNvyH3w8e9eJBD
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    Mission assigned, scoping out area.
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    Most everything in Cloak-and-Dagger isn't my content specifically, but I did make tweaks to some stuff (mostly the weapons and kits from HU). Only a couple things don't have the proper permissions. The first is some of MrMoon's skins. I sent a PM to him asking for permission on 27DEC2017 and haven't gotten a reply yet (so far it says he hasn't read it). The skins I'm specifically referring to are the main SP skins (not specialists) which are the same as what I'm using for the CIA SOG kit restrictions on MP. They come from his CAPD2_Adjustment mod. The second is Realistic Wound textures. Which have no author or contact info listed and no statement on the permissions. Maybe add that to the list? So yeah, feel free to add Cloak-and-Dagger to the list unless the above 2 instances create issues with that.
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    Working on version 1.2 (not sure at what point I go straight to version 2.0). Experimenting with a significant weapon adjustments. The adjustments as of now are as follows: Semi-auto firerate set to match full-auto/burst firerate (for weapons with no full/burst modes, I usually went with 600rpm) Not technically a weapons adjustment, but related: heavy body armor effectiveness reduced (can still stop multiple 5.56x45mm and 7.62x39mm rounds to the chest, but should be easier to break through especially with more powerful weapons and make enemies with it slightly less annoying). Oh, those nice Rainbow guys in the killhouses? They had Armor Level 2. Now they have 3. Why? To make it more annoying for you. And to prepare you for armored opponents in CQB. Get good at shifting your aim to the head if your first few shots aren't getting through. Stabilization time of ALL Heroes Unleashed weapons DOUBLED. Trying to make things less point-and-click, need to do more testing on this (nothing like spending quite literally 2+ hours editing all the text files for this and the rate of fire). Looks like MG suppression will have wider spread and longer range engagements will require more tactical fire and maneuver. Accuracy hasn't been changed, but getting more accurate shots will require more time, less movement, and/or a stable firing position (so basically prone). And pretty sure rockets are going to be a to use, may end up putting them back to original stabilization time. Legacy zoom added. Since weapons without scopes were basically nerfed, this should make these weapons more viable in longer-range engagements (scopes still better) AND CQB (some zoom is nice sometimes, plus weapons with CQB optics will have NO scope view getting in the way). So now if you know a mission and/or your role will be CQB, you can still use your weapons effectively at longer range while having advantages over scope weapons in the parts focusing on CQB Inspiration for some of these ideas is from Droopy's Realism Mod. Also looking at trying to redo the sounds, and then removing actor names from the added actors for MP (so their names don't show up upon death).
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    Hi, somebody have a link (or the file ) of the V1.2 patch for "Armored Core 4" ? I am trying this mod that i have never tried before but it crash on the launch of the first mission with C.D.T, and the link to the patch is broken ....Thanks in advance and very happy new year for everybody of the "GR" community ,the best for all
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    Hi Download link is fixed now :o)
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    Some of that was actually new to me. My cars usually arrive in pretty good condition, after watching my kid carefully drive to each location using the laws of the road, I decided to do the same. And I feel better for it.
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    Belated Merry Christmas and here's to your New Year being one of the greatest of all time!
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    Wombat, thank you for the permissions on using your content. It's greatly appreciated. As for using the CIA SAD guys, I'm probably going to scrap that and look at something else to avoid any issues there. I'll look through other skins and see what I can find. Rocky, most of the content I'm using atm is from mods listed on the "Sharing is Caring" thread granting permissions. Should I still be emailing the content makers there, or is this more for mods without express permissions from documentation and/or that thread?
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    Did you try slicing the pie with your peak? If he can shoot you, you can shoot him.

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