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    Got back into it and messing with sounds more. Definitely a lot more impactful. Also pretty pictures.
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    The new photo mode looks really good, seems to be a lot faster than Ansel (which is also still available in game). Activate photo mode with F10, capture the photo with F12. Photos are saved in the default Pictures folder in windows, in a Uplay folder. Just before Nomad faceplanted into a rock shelf below. Damn these base jump missions.
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    Try Arma 3, I remade Castle Day, Prison and several others. Some new stuff on the way.
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    progress so far: 1. import almost done: .qob, .pob, .chr. 2. testing format export: .qob, .pob, .chr. 3. only geometry: .map. Map export isn't in my plans, too many work to do, i don't have enough time. skeleton and character animations will be later... also this https://github.com/boristsr/RainbowSixFileConverters. Philip progressing really nice with Rainbows Six 1/2, add some screenshots. All tools will be avaliable later, not sure when (this year, i guess).
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    Were are all the old school gr players !!!!!!!
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    FPWV is nice. I figured out the crash. Just a kit trying to call a gun file that doesn't exist (mk17cqcap was supposed to be mk17cqc5xap, oof). Fixed. A couple screenshots. First one is new menu background showing off new artwork by Operator Grim and another one with SP character change to HU - Tertia Optio v2. I doubt I'll stick with those exact skins. I'll probably be updating them later, not sure how modern I want to get with camouflage patterns and such.
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    Some upcoming changes: massive sound overhaul. Will probably redo these sounds at some point but probably not change source material unless I find something new. CQB optics (reflex, red dots, and holographics) have only the reticle in view for aiming to make them easier to use in CQB and represent what you should see when using them properly (optic body disappears). Think I'm where I want to be with weapons. Here's some additions: AK-107 (normal, grenade launcher, and suppressed variants) G36C (normal and suppressed variants) G36K (normal, grenade launcher, and suppressed variants)
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    That new sniper class may be a nuisance..This will make those campers who sit on the extreme edges of maps more common, since they can accurately camp and snipe the comms station from greater distances.... "season 2 pass holders getting access to a pack" sure is a lot of work to not say Free content.... wonder what the scheme is there
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    PvE Mission and Rewards: Special Operation 3 will contain a free PvE mission and other rewards. More PvP Classes + Maps: Two Ghost War classes inspired by the Special Operation 3 theme will join the fight. We will also have two new maps for you to test their kits on. Year 2 Pass: Year 2 pass holders will get access to another pack containing community-requested items, as well as early, direct access to the Ghost War classes starting December 11 for one week. Photo Mode: Capture your epic moments and the beautiful scenery of the Wildlands with our new Photo Mode feature. Prestige Economy: Based on community feedback, we will be implementing further updates to the Prestige Economy that build upon the changes from Special Operation 2. We’ll have more information coming soon. New Customization Items: More than 90 new items will be added to the store, including a new pack related to the theme.
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    really bad ghost mode fails, it gets loud guys lol.
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    Epic multiplayer montage in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. If you liked this please check out my grfs montages playlist until my next one with Khyber Strike. We're playing on the Transit map in the Artic Strike DLC.
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    I just added a first hero for the mod I am currently taking a break right now will be back, soon
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    Thank you very ,much for the link - It's a good start and I really appreciate it!
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    The link for version 1.0.8b. It's up above and also here. Keep in mind that the pics above are NOT representative of v.1.0.8b but of v1.0.9b (currently being developed).
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    https://www.mediafire.com/file/byqg9t4wh4m66qc/mousetrap_map.rar/file -The map is all in doors and is a bit of a maze craze of rooms all on one level. -The map authors are 9MS Tinker and 9MS MFisto. -Has a mission file but only for .gtf files. -I re-textured and re-lit the map. The original map version, t-t-03.map, had only ambient light. I added multiple point and spots lights. -Attempted to make the command map more legible. -Some texture tags were not editable.
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    Thanks, though there are definitely things I'm missing along the way. I know of a CTD bug with the rifleman kits centered around some Mk17 kits. Got some nice sounds to play with as well from Insurgency. Unfortunately, mono and 22kHz takes a LOT out of them, but they still retain their impact. I'm ok with sounds that aren't as "pleasing" to listen to when shots at close range create the illusion of impact and are more realistic. Also helps that I've got a sound designer I'm talking with that is helping me to better understand how things work that I can hopefully use for this mod.
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    Plenty of changes for this version. Not quite all the weapons are in yet, but you can play with most of them in SP. Also did some sound work where I brought back some of the default CENTCOM sounds. Violence of Action v1.0.8b
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    Joyus doesnt even begin to cover the feelings Im getting from knowing snake is back!