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    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed 1.0.0
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    Hey Kyle, I am fine thanks, and yes I am the same thales100 lol, I just got a new r/l job at a new city and had to quit all my modding activity due to the lack of time it demands, it was a hard decision but absolutely necessary. I miss CoC a lot, great mod, much probably the best ever, and it was a great time adding new stuff to it. Thanks a lot for your post, hope you the best, maybe in the near future I will at least reinstall the game and get into the zone once again. Thales
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    Oh I found the HU trailer I made, forgot I actually put it on Youtube LOL.
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    Ha, managed to squeeze the download size to just under 10 GB, after all.
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    EDIT: F@#$ it, let's go live. Now.
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    SAM FISHER FROM TOM CLANCY’S SPLINTER CELL® JOINS THE GHOSTS FOR A SPECIAL MISSION IN TOM CLANCY’S GHOST RECON® WILDLANDS TOM CLANCY’S GHOST RECON® WILDLANDS CELEBRATES YEAR 2 WITH A FREE WEEKEND ON ALL PLATFORMS STARTING APRIL 12th LONDON, UK — APRIL 9th, 2018 — Today, Ubisoft announced that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands will introduce a free Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell®–themed mission, featuring the legendary Sam Fisher, voiced by Michael Ironside, as part of Special Operation I - the first major update of the second year of post-launch content for the game. Players will be able to team up with Sam in this special crossover event for free starting tomorrow, April 10th, 2018, on next-gen consoles and Windows PC. Additionally, players will have full access to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands during the upcoming free weekend, taking place from April 12th to April 15th, 2018. The free weekend will be available on all platforms and will give newcomers the opportunity to try out everything, including Ghost War PvP mode, Predator mission and Special Operation I. From April 10th, a wealth of exclusive Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell content will be introduced to the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands main game and Ghost War PvP mode, including a new PvE mission, exclusive customisation items and a new Ghost War PvP class. Players* will be able to play alongside Sam Fisher, the iconic character from the critically acclaimed Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell espionage series, and help him complete his new high-risk infiltration mission in fictionalised future Bolivia. This new special challenge is playable solo or with up to four players in co-op and is one of the most difficult missions the Ghosts have ever faced. The night-time stealth mission will require players to use all the tools at their disposal to succeed. “We are all super excited to bring such an iconic character as Sam Fisher into Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands,” said Nouredine Abboud, Senior Producer at Ubisoft. “Teaming up with Sam Fisher will require the Ghosts’ stealth, cleverness and tactics…we can’t wait to see the reactions of our players as they face this new challenge!” Upon completing the mission, players will be rewarded with exclusive items, such as Sam’s iconic sonar goggles, with a new night-vision filter, and more. Even though the mission will remain available in-game, these rewards will only be available until the Special Challenge ends on May 16th, 2018. In addition to the rewards for completing the challenge, players can further customise and arm their Ghosts with the Splinter Cell Gear Pack, which includes new customisation items and weapons, such as the Karambit Knife; an exclusive close-combat blade inspired by Splinter Cell® Blacklist®, or the fully customisable SC 4000 prototype Splinter Cell assault rifle. Special Operation 1 will also bring the Echelon, a new assault class available in all PvP modes, which will expand the Ghost War roster to 18 unique classes. The Echelon is a part of Sam Fisher’s Fourth Echelon team, and therefore has access to high-tech equipment as well as the Sonar Pulse ability that allows him to see enemies behind walls at short range and gain tactical advantage over the opposing team. Ghost War players will be able to get early-access to the new class by using their Prestige points or with the Year 2 Pass. For more information about Special Operation I or free weekend, please visit: ghostrecon.com/freeweekend Developed by Ubisoft Paris,* Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is a military shooter entirely playable in up to four-player co-op or single-player from beginning to end. Players have total freedom to accomplish their missions how they want and watch as the world reacts to their actions. Players can choose to move quietly in the night, go in hot at dawn or work together to execute a sync shot that takes out enemies in one fell swoop. Each choice has a consequence, and players must improvise or adapt their plans to ensure the completion and success of each mission. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Ghost War allows players to live the ultimate co-op experience in 4v4 modes. Featuring a growing roster of classes, maps and PvP modes, Ghost War focuses on teamwork, strategy and tense tactical engagements.
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    Just a little heads-up. Couldn't compress the download for HU 1.0 to under 10 GB. Sorry about that. It weighs in at 11,328,650,681 bytes, so depending on who you ask, it's between 10.55 GB and 11.33 GB. Installed size is just under 30 GB on my machine.
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    In Lan-mod, it also crashes, no matter what you set, as soon as an action of the client is executed, for example, I call the comandmap on a soldiers crash. I've tested it with my Server PC 1Gbit lan and my Client PC 100 Mbit lan, then I swapped pages synonymous crashing.So as I said the 1.0.0b9 version always worked, but the enormous amount of data of the new version seems to be the Problem. The information from Client to server need too long. Already at the start one notices how large amounts of data are loaded. weir in Lan two PC with 1 Gbit can yes test whether goes then the data flow faster.
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    What else are you going to do while you wait for that 10Gb monster to download and then decompress to 30Gb?! Apex Interview 2018
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    Decided to actually run through a Black Ops mission to the end. Had a blast, except for the part where 2/3rds of my team got wiped out by the warlord ambushing us. Concealment is no joke, I legitimately could not see his squad despite the tracers flying around. I was forced to flank him by using the river bank as cover, which actually worked for once! ###### was advancing due to our low volume of fire, so I didn't see him at first. Fortunately his last remaining teammate exposed himself, and the warlord was right next to him. RESULTS: 4 KIA, infil zone successfully defended, intel retrieved, 2 Ghosts reach exfil zone. Pyrrhic victory. Lesson learned: always secure an area before moving on. Bounding overwatch recommended.
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    Nope. That's either John Sonedecker or Right Hand. Those two missions are based on their excellent BattleBorne mod. Like all other missions in Heroes Unleashed, I re-scripted them from the ground up, while staying true to original objectives. I think they fit in nicely with the first part of the campaign. There is no add-on to unlock all equipment kits for the standard SP team, but in single player you have access to all of them via unlockable specialists. For the single player platoon in Heroes Unleashed, I have created over 250 individual characters, each with their own set of face and body textures for separate default, desert, and jungle models plus attachments, totaling over 3,000 files. So to make just one extra unit available in SP, I'll have to design another full set of 3,000 texture and model files. For the current seven units, meaning Delta, Marines, SAS, KSK, Vympel, Alfa, SEALs, that's over 20,000 files. This is actually on my to-do list for future updates, but it probably won't happen shortly. I just tried the HU - SP Kits Delta add-on and experienced no issues. What exactly is messed up on your end when you use it? There is the HU - Brighter Night Vision add-on to increase night vision brightness, or you could use the HU - Legacy Night Vision add-on to go back to vanilla.
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    So those 2 new missions exist. And Apex, is that you giving the briefings? Mission review (non spoiler version): Interesting missions with some nice cinematics and a high level of attention to detail. Hope you're ready to tackle some quick but fun CQB portions though. Spoiler version (not super thorough, just some thoughts) We need more missions that explore CQB more thoroughly. Maybe I should learn how to IGOR...
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    Rocky and staff have without fail repaired links when I reported them broken, always within 24 hours. There is a link provided for this in every download page if needed. The USB stick and mailing are not free. It is a good way to get all the mods and help support the site. Much respect to GR.net now and over the many years.
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    Many thanks for your encouraging words, guys. Glad you enjoy HU! Again, please don't expect too much of a change from b9. Mostly bug fixes and technical stuff. The lion share of work still lies ahead for future versions. PS: @Jose21Crisis, yes, the add-ons' sound issues are fixed.
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    Hi Sorry you feel this way, however a little bit of background for you. There are well over 1000 mods in our database that have been downloaded over 3.5m times since the download archive was created over the years. However, internet download services we have used over the years have shut down, ie fileplanet, filefront and others. This required us to upload all these mods several times over the years to keep the archive alive for fans to download these mods for free. However - hosting these mods is not free - there are two bills to pay every month so that people can download the mods for FREE. Unfortunately though, because some of the download services we have used over the years shutting down, some of download links still point there and will give an error. With over 1,000 mods in the database, it is too big a job to go through them all, identify the broken ones, re-upload then, and publish the new link. However, me and a couple staff did exactly that for many weeks, updating as many as we possibly could. You are incorrect though to say that most of the downloads are errors, most are working. That said, when I get an email about a broken link, it is fixed within 24 hours - I think that's pretty good for a free service. About the mod USB - some people like this idea for two reasons, they get all the mods on one stick without downloading anything, and secondly some of the mods are gigabytes in size and some people do not have an internet connection to download them - so the stick is a good option. Hope that answers your concerns and if you have specific mods you are having difficulty downloading let me know what they are, and I'll re-upload them to our download server, so you can download it. For free.
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    congrats apex! your mod is hands down one of the most well put together mods of any mod from any game i've played. i love the level of attention to detail on everything, that amount of polish and consistency is something I'd compare to a Rockstar developed game. it's hard to believe beasts like b8 and b9 were only betas. I'm sure i can speak for the silent HU fans, the ones who may not use this site, or the ones who populate steam or youtube or any corner of the internet, or the quiet ones who simply just download and play. we thank you for this mod and the continued development.
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    This is great news! Long time lurker, that used to have an account way back in 2001. I just saw Ghost Recon + expansions on sale on steam - although I still had the GR disc in my computer - I snagged the digital copies to make sure I have them for as long as steam is around. Also remembered the last time I played (a few years ago) I used HU and loved it. Was pleasantly surprised to stop by here and see 1.0 is coming soon!!! I'm getting GR steam version installed and I'll be ready to play once you drop 1.0! Thanks for all your work Apex, it allows me to keep coming back to my all time favorite game with a fresh look.
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    Yep, very much looking forward to the non-beta times, Rocky. @Jack, something like that has been suggested now and again, but I'd really prefer to keep all of HU's content in one compact package. The add-on mods make up relatively little of the mod's total size, anyhow. The biggest part of the size increase is due to new file/folder structure, which has become a necessity because e.g. the previous structure made the mod hit the limit of what the game is able to load properly, resulting in a variety of glitches and serious errors (the cause of which was difficult to trace, initially). After some trial and error, I've found the culprit in the file/folder structure and re-organized it in a way that should not cause any more problems in the future. As an added bonus, the new structure allows for more modular modability, e.g. map re-texturing. Good times ahead!
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    Wachter, I stumbled across this GREAT addon mod of yours for HU the other day, and have to say that it adds pretty much everything I was hoping for. Far more and different kits (I really appreciate using Soviet/Russian theatre kits), terrific new skins, and an AI that just keeps kicking my butt. The AI that you've supplied - very VERY believable use of tactics. Once they're on you - watch out! I was a little worried that all of my teammates had every stat set to the absolute maximum of 250, but with the AI in this mod, I'm finding it extremely challenging to get all of my men out alive. I can only imagine just how much more wiped out my squad would be if the stats were below 250. Yeah, those numbers need to stay in place. I've restarted the GR campaign, and the differences are enormous, and deeply satisfying. I'm loading it up with your Bullet Crack sound effects merged over the top of some of Kaffee sounds, and this mod makes GR nearly perfect now. All we need is the ability to lean as we move. Thank you for all of your hard work on this. I very much look forward to seeing your next release after Apex updates HU. This is just The Perfect frosting on HU's cake.
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    Learning how to skin, yay. Here's some pictures of one of my later creations. The color setup is pretty ugly, but I got a working vest with straps (there is an issue with overlap on the back of the vest, already fixed it). Working on setting up a base file that will let me change color/camo quickly for various parts. The shirt is setup where the camo is only on the top and sleeves (like a combat shirt except it's Ghost Recon, so now ugly). What I currently have adjustable in terms of color/camo to some degree: Clothing (except torso area) Torso Area Vest and Belt Boots Gloves Boonie Hat Boonie Hat Headband Still need to work on pouches. With pouches setup for each class, I should be able to use one file for rifleman, demo, support, and maybe the non-ghillie suit marksman. Plan is for these skins to make they're way into Cloak-and-Dagger at some point. Will most likely also release the skins and the base file for whatever anyone here wants to do with it. Edit: Have some newer ones to look at.
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    Used Evolve, tried a couple of missions from the campaign (the new ones). Doesn't seem to be tied to any specific kit restriction. Also didn't try for that long, so don't have specifics like Lmoy has stated up above.
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    Eisenhauer up above said it crashes in dedicated server mode. Additionally my comment a few days ago I reported that I got crashes fairly early on in the mission, and instantly if the client player's fireteam was commanded to go on recon. I only tried this in co-op mission mode, but I can try other gametypes if need be. I was playing via Gameranger. Apex said it works fine in LAN mode, so maybe the issue is the dedicated servers aren't transmitting the full data from the host to the clients? I don't really know how these things work, but that's what it's sounding like. I have yet to try setting up a server in-game, so maybe that's the solution.
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    Honestly firefights in this game are incredibly tedious. The AI is way too eager to bumrush your position. Combine that with their TTK on Extreme and their pinpoint accuracy makes for a very frustrating experience. The Far Cry games have an ai director system that dynamically changes the accuracy of enemies depending on the number of NPCs in the scene, which is something that Wildlands could use to make more enjoyable firefights.
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    The friendly folks over at Ghost Recon Hideout are carrying the torch for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon online multiplayer, with a whole list of active game servers, including in-game voice communication, and accompanied by player forums to chat about the game, and life in general. Meet up for friendly co-op games or PvP/TvT battles, and take part in tournaments and other special events. I urge you to join the GR Hideout Discord Server and jump back into the fun of Ghost Recon multiplayer! Long live Ghost Recon!
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    GRFS outfit/crossover.
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    Apex, I must thank you for all the time and effort you've put into this mod. Ghost Recon was one of the first video games I ever played, and all these years later it remains one of my all time favourites. What you've done with it is incredible. I'm loving Heroes Unleashed; you've really brought out the potential in the game. So again, thank you! I have an issue trying to run multiplayer though. I'm trying to play a co-op campaign with a friend of mine, and we played the first several missions in vanilla with no issue, but now that we've both installed Heroes Unleashed, the game always crashes shortly after starting the mission, but only for the one who isn't hosting. It also instantly crashes if the hosting player commands the others' fireteam to go on recon. We're both running exactly the same mods (just HU and HU Legacy Zoom, and DS/IT of course), with the same game version, the same mod load order (DS>IT>HU>LZ). Everything runs perfectly fine in singleplayer and for the hosting player. We're using Gameranger to play together, rather than a direct connection. Could that be it? I've attached the crash log, if that helps. IkeCrash.log
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    Brilliant. All is fair in love and war.
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    Many thanks for the effort mate and congrats on the release, time for redeployment!
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    Have you heard anything from any other GR devs? I've always wondered how the original team felt about how the series went and the impact modders have on their game.
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    Hey Apex I was wondering if it is possible to unlock ALL the weapon kits in either the campaign and missions or both? Perhaps even the uniforms. I saw there was SP kit unlocks in the addons but when I put the Delta Folder it messed up my weapon info Also is there anyways to increase the brightness? The Gamma settings don't help.
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    The changed names indeed aim to represent how realistic the difficulty tiers are, making Realism the (hopefully) obvious default. After considerable testing I concluded that e.g. the former "Elite" tier simply cheated the player. AI appears to be aware of the player's location at all times, and no matter how much I nerfed their weapons, Elite opponents would still shoot you across the entire map with a pistol, apparently ignoring any weapon properties set in the .gun file. The former "Recruit" tier on the other hand dumbs AI down way too much, and while their shooting abilities are still somewhat realistic, their tactical acumen is severely lacking ("Me seeking cover? What cover? Why?"). And then there's the hard-coded infinite player ammunition thing, which by itself kills realism on easy difficulty in Ghost Recon. Hi-res (and yes, even 2k HD) retexturing is an ongoing process that will require a whole lot of work (and time) to complete, but you can expect a bit of progress in each future point release. The same goes for maps' sound environments, by the way. Nowhere near done. PS: The campaign will be expanded with more extra mission in the future. This is just a beginning.
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    well dang apex! this was a nice treat to see! i played a little last night when i had time and i must say awesome work.\ i saw you changed the difficulty names. veteran has now become realism. is this the intended difficulty for HU? (I had always been playing on elite thinking that was the "way" to play) i also noticed more high res map textures, is the eventual goal to overhaul every map or is this just eliminating outdated textures? i look forward to playing the new campaign mission i saw! i spoiled myself with testing the map but im going to leave the actual mission a surprise.
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    When are you going to take that long deserved break? I swear the last version only came out a week ago!
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    Hello, congratulations on the release, unfortunately it crashes in the dedicadet server mode
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    This is a great update! I was just thinking ahead about replaying the entire campaign, now that I have a new mission to look forward to and can customise the entire squad - this is great! It's also great to see PvP continues to grow with new maps and new modes - this really bodes well for Wildlands competitive play! ` UBISOFT® UNVEILS YEAR 2 PLANS FOR TOM CLANCY’S GHOST RECON® WILDLANDS MORE THAN 10 MILLION PLAYERS HAVE TAKEN ON THE SANTA BLANCA CARTEL IN TOM CLANCY’S GHOST RECON® WILDLANDS LONDON, UK – APRIL 3rd, 2018 – Today, Ubisoft announced that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands will get a second year of post-launch support, offering players new free content, both in the campaign and the Ghost War PvP experience. The first major update, entitled Special Operation 1, will be released on April 10th, 2018, on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One and Windows PC. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Year 2 will continue to deliver substantial post-launch support with four free major updates titled “Special Operations”, each of which will feature a unique theme, updates for the PvE campaign, with special free missions and special challenges with exclusive rewards, updates for the Ghost War 4x4 PvP experience, and features highly requested by the community. The first update, called “Special Operations 1” launching on April 10th will contain: Teammate Customisation: The most requested feature by the community, Team Customisation will allow players to customise teammate outfits with all items they have unlocked for their own character PvP Update: A new game mode called “Sabotage” with five exclusive maps, the first of six new PvP classes for Year 2 and new perk and explosive device PvE Update: A free, themed PvE mission and special challenge with exclusive rewards. Special Operation I includes the content planned for Updates 5 & 6 from the original Ghost War roadmap. Ubisoft announced that the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Year 2 Pass offers seven-day early access to the six new Year 2 Ghost War classes, an exclusive customisation pack, and eight Battle Crates (four Special Ops crates and four Ghost War crates), to further customise players characters in the main game as well as in the Ghost War. Since the initial launch of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands in March 2017, Ubisoft Paris has released 13 updates, including the launch of Ghost War – the 4v4 PvP mode – as well as The Predator special event and numerous updates to the core gameplay. With more than 10 million players worldwide, the Ghost Recon Wildlands development team is committed to supporting the game, offering new free content and continued improvements of the core experience. Developed by Ubisoft Paris,* Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is a military shooter entirely playable in up to four-player co-op or single-player from beginning to end. Players have total freedom to accomplish their missions how they want and watch as the world reacts to their actions. Players can choose to move quietly in the night, go in hot at dawn or work together to execute the perfect sync shot that takes out enemies in one fell swoop. Each choice has a consequence, and players must improvise and adapt their plans to ensure the completion and success of each mission. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Ghost War allows players to live the ultimate co-op experience in 4v4 game modes. Featuring a growing roster of classes, maps and modes, Ghost War focuses on teamwork, strategy and tense tactical engagements.
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    Downloaded and extracted. Thank you Apex!
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    CHOO CHOO! I honestly wasn't expecting a release this soon!
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    Some camouflage swatch resources, some of which are in glorious 2048x2048. I think I need to go replace most of my camouflage swatches. https://forum.facepunch.com/f/fbx/qmas/Camouflage-textures-for-everyone/1/ https://forum.facepunch.com/f/fbx/qmas/Camouflage-textures-for-everyone/1/#postjjfnw https://forum.facepunch.com/f/fbx/qxsy/Facepunch-Camouflage-Thread-V2/1/
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    Are there a lot of people who get GR from GOG? Probably going to set it up where the new skins are for the specialists. Then add them to multiplayer. Shouldn't be hard, just have to actually do it. Fun project continues. Fine tuning the wrinkle layers is helping a lot (each camo pattern is getting a wrinkle layer so that I can adjust the look of each camo without affecting the others). Main things I'm concerned with next are the following: Set up other sleeve wrinkles (there's some variation in pockets and patches) Set up the coat wrinkles so I can apply camouflage and solid colors to them Also want to get some quality face paint, new boonie hat camouflage patterns, and some weathering effects (dirt effects come to mind). Could play with the vest and gear, but not a priority right now. May also try and make a template for IR reflective shoulder patches.
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    We just breezed past 25,000 members! Thanks to Ghost Recon fans everywhere that have made this possible! Forum Statistics Total Topics 55,945 Total Posts 608,761
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    >Built around a Strong Theme These updates are being called Special Operations. Guessing the theme is milsim? Someone noticed that they added NODS to the ACH helmet, which was previously barebones. A sign of things to come?
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    i'd say torrents are the way to go for the future. in some cases a user could mail another user a usb and download HU then send the usb back, just a thought edit and how could anyone complain about a mod that big?! just means more content for us
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    Bummer if people have issues with mods that size (storage is getting real cheap nowadays). I, for one, am all for more...more...more. I have the internet and storage space to take on whatever you throw at me.
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    Thanks for the advice, something I'll have to practice. And thanks for telling me what techniques to look at, gives me something to work with.
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    I probably wouldn't mind that much, actually. Would just be more reason for me to actually get working on that Blood Oil/CENTCOM combination idea I have. A lot of what I did was based on this philosophy as well. Though there's different ways of going about it depending on what you're trying to represent. Let's take zoom on weapons without magnifying optics. Your approach is realistic in the sense that iron sights, red dots, etc. don't provide any magnification, so you use no zoom. My approach (1.5x for compact weapons like the Mk18, 2x for medium weapons like the M4A1, and 2.5x for larger weapons like the G3) is also realistic in the sense that computer monitors create distortion with their limited FOV, meaning that some zoom provides some realism (I remember reading a forum thread several years ago about this). My method also helps to change the effective range of these weapons. You should be able to hit targets further away more consistently with a G3 than a Mk18. But legacy zoom add on exists, so all good there. I just took things a step further in Cloak. Ammo is another. I believe you used a weight limit to figure out your ammo values, correct? I found it too low and annoying, especially since I like to tactical reload a lot (especially in CQB where I do a lot of shooting). In Cloak, I tried to find a balance that keeps things relatively light but still sufficient. Basic example is 8 rifle magazines instead of 5. The KISS kit restrictions are meant to be very basic, not letting you rely on fancy gadgets and weaponry. PvP was a consideration when making them, but also fun for COOP. Forces you to rely on sound tactics rather than stealth killing everything with your suppressed HK416. The game engine is limited. Trying to make it realistic means choosing what to represent and to what extent to represent it. Definitely interesting to see how different people approach this aspect in mods.
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    Reworked vests and pouches. Rifleman skin setup is pretty much done except for some color adjustments. Thinking of 4 sets total: BDUs (M81 Woodland and 3 Color Desert), Tiger (Tiger Stripe and Tiger Stripe Desert), AOR (AOR Universal, AOR 1, and AOR 2), and Multicam (Multicam, Multicam Arid, Multicam Tropic).
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    This... this is exactly what we've all needed. <3 50/10
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    Jack57' and Right Hand' missions, nothing but the very best.

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