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  2. This was another mission with a really great representation of the Ghost Recon Classic feel in ARMA 3.
  3. Denny, Ghost Recon is brutally realistic. Ive often envisioned myself in the place of AI in a CQB situation....and that's exactly what any one of us would do. We would have our rifle pointed at the door, listening for any movement, and probably shooting through the wall and certainly at anything that slightly appears in our vision in the hallway. Your right, CQB can be the most frustrating part of GR, but it is highly realistic. He is a flashbang mod to help you even the odds like real SOF units use during building clearing. This is especially useful during hostage rescue missions. Remember to go in to the room immediately after you throw in the flashbang. You only have about .5 sec to get in and clear the room out. http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=1420 Burner
  4. Last week
  5. First person view?

    It's first persion view when you aim your weapon, other than that it's third person view.
  6. So did the game creator's include a first person view in Wildlands??? OldGhost.
  7. Standard Equipment yeh?

    That's his concealed carry weapon. Just sayin.
  8. Help picking a new monitor.

    Hi all. Well, after 10 years of flawless service, my Samsung monitor died in it's sleep. Now I need you all to educate me so I can pick a new one for my gaming. I've started looking around and I see there are some monitors with higher refresh rates, curved screens and features like G-Synk. What is that?? Also, I have red some things that hinted that there are games out there that can't be played on monitors with higher refresh rates. Is this true and how can I tell which ones can and which ones can't. So can you give me some links that I can go to so I can read up on all the latest cool features and gizmos a good gaming monitor should have? What they are and how they work? And of course, any knowledge you would like to share with me here in this forum would be appreciated too. Things like, what monitors you would recommend and what ones I should stay away from. Or any other thoughts you may have. Thanks all. OldGhost.
  9. Is there a mod to make Recruit difficulty easier?

    besides god-mod...or is it god mode
  10. A tip ? i have try with succes the "flasbang" somewhere in download and made a kit with silenced gun + these grenades ...that work fine in a mission ,like one you try, where is an hostage ,because ,in fact ,the blow of the grenade distract the guard when you throw it and he want to try to escape ,so ,if you are prepared ,you can kill him ! Good luck .
  11. Weapon modding, not modeling

    ODST Weapons 11 zip included is something like this too much to ask for ODST Weapons.zip
  12. GR,DS,IT Dedicated Server

    London based GR,DS,IT only dedicated server now up. IP: 24/7 online.
  13. I got wildlands

    Took down my second boss! Screenshot.. New stats, getting better.. screenshot...
  14. Message me the ikelog.zip. I'm getting the message my account does not allow it. I'll try T05 and see what happens.
  15. Hi,Wombat50, sorry to bored you one more time for my problems with Centcom missions...i have a same problem of "save and reload" ctd with the T05:takeover mission .In first ,sorry to have misunderstood which IGOR file i must look after a crash ,i look at the Ikecrash .log ! so , for now, i read the good one ,Ike.log ,but don't understand what happens .i try the mission that i modified (PERSO Ike .log) on my own installation of GR and the original one (ORIG_Ike.log) on a clean install of GR (with no modifications).The crash occur in the same way : save and reload with no problem until i succeed in the first objective but ,when i go to retake the enemy base (change of zone ?) and kill a tank , game crash and cdt . If game is played without save and reload ,no problem ,mission end normally ...So , i try to read the two Ike logs but i see especially some missing chr and rsb files ..I don't know if it is relevent of the cdt but the problem is that i cannot find the files related as missing in Igor ! i make a research in all my folders of GR , even in my bunch of Mods but these files (chr or rsb) are nowhere ...why the game search files that don't exist ? Thanks again for help ,be rassured ,it is the last mission i want to modify Ikelog.zip
  16. Ubisoft® announces that Jungle Storm, the second major free update for Ghost Recon Wildlands Ghost War PvP, will release on all available platforms on December 14th, 2017. Jungle Storm will bring a wealth a new PvP content to the game, including: - Two new classes available in all PvP modes. These include the Pathfinder - a stealthy Ghost equipped with a deadly crossbow and unmarkable by drones - as well as another new class, which will be revealed for the launch of the update on December 14th - Ranked play, which will allow players and their squad to compete against others to reach the highest ranks In addition, Jungle Storm will introduce extra new maps for the Elimination and Uplink modes, as well new weapons and gameplay updates for both PvP and PvE modes. To learn more about this new class and more, a Ghost Recon Wildlands livestream will go live across our main channels on December 13th, 2017, starting at 5PM.
  17. Picture Thread

    This thread is dusty....
  18. squad_e's PS4 shots

  19. Forgot that there might be a pilot in that room. The second grenade in the room with the pilot was a bad idea. :-)
  20. Yeh, I always favoured the distraction fire too - it's a great way to get the enemy to face the other way, then you can pop em in the back of the head. Very satisfying. Let us know if that works for you!
  21. squad_e's PS4 shots

    Oh man, I've not been there yet - beautiful!!
  22. The things you see in the Wildlands.....
  23. Remember GHOST RECON 1

    I actually remembered it about 10 minutes ago - when I was getting my ass handed to me for the 10th time in one mission in Wildlands. MAde me think of Ghost Recon 1 lol.
  24. squad_e's PS4 shots

    So i found the golf club, yay!
  25. Roaming Rome

    just a quick impression, I would think 3 days in Rome is equivalent to 1 Trillion of a second in it's total history. And we were there for 2 days...1.75 maybe, and it was waaaay too short. Someone once said, give respect to the history. Don't just look up when you enter any of the structures in Rome. Look down also and pay respect to that first marble you're about to set foot on. That piece is older than anyone you can imagine. The amount of precious arts is way overwhelming. The Sistine Chapel is breathe taking...for religious and non-religious but art lovers. If you're an art historian, this is your go-to and bucket list. reminds me of this scene There was this guy in our group, Bruce. He has Right Hip Arthritis. He asked his DR to give him cortizone shots for this trip so he can see the Sistine Chapel. At dinner I asked him was it worth it. He said, he'd give his Left Hip too to come back to this place and just stay in that room that entire day. Bruce limped for 9 days in our tour. On our departure, he asked that we do a reunion at this place. I couldn't agree more. Be wary though, lots of suspicious looking folks out to take your money. The most vulnerable person in our group was assaulted by 3 young gypsies...girls too. A couple was able to scare them off of our friend and none was taken. We're extremely lucky that it was not tourist season and the crowds were not that over whelming. Wear very very comfortable shoes. I had a hiking shoes and I was still in pain in my back at the end of the day. So much unpaved or cobblestones. I'm still sorting hundreds of pictures.
  26. Is there a mod to make Recruit difficulty easier?

    Thanks for the tips, I'll give it a shot
  27. Roaming Rome

    FYI Ledanek, During WWII some Allied soldiers after capturing Rome thought the Colosseum was a modern structure that had sustained aerial bombing. Very nice photos!
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