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  2. Get on Wildlands this next weekend for the Open beta!
  3. That's it for today. 1440p isn't coming up for me on my uploaded videos, but I think it can take time for YouTube to process it and make it available. Hopefully I can get the next mission sometime this week.
  4. MISSION 03 – Stone Bell OBJECTIVES 1. Destroy northeast patrol 2. Destroy southwest patrol 3. Prevent HQ breach 4. No NATO casualties OVERVIEW This (and the battlefield mission) are probably the most difficult. Unfortunatly, 1x KIA - Rifleman Chris Corum. Hard to avoid when the AI is pushing forward and spawning left, right and centre! Pretty happy with the final result. Mission completed in just 5 minutes. Also unlocked a DEMO specialist, which will be helpful seeing as I lost one in the first mission. This is getting tough. Hopefully no more casualties! AFTER-ACTION -Alpha squad- Dennis Martin – DEMO John Cosner – RIFLEMAN Gilbert Bean – SNIPER [RECOVERED] -Bravo squad- Chris Corum – RIFLEMAN [KIA] Brian Duan – SNIPER
  5. Now talk about bringing back memories. Jeez. Havok reappears out of nowhere, and then posts like this make me really, really miss those days. I really hope a few of us from Team [GRNET] can catch up some time soon.
  6. MISSION 02 – EAGER SMOKE OBJECTIVES 1. Rescue Pilot 2. Rescue W. Officer 3. Get to extraction zone 4. Destroy avionics OVERVIEW I let G. Bean sit out this mission to recover. Overall, mission was a success. Been a long time since I've played this. The AI planted the demo charge, but it doesn't register as completing the 'Destroy avionics' objective. I've missed out on unlocking a speaclist here. AFTER-ACTION -Alpha squad- Dennis Martin – DEMO Gilbert Bean – SNIPER [RESTING] John Cosner – RIFLEMAN -Bravo squad- Brian Duan – SNIPER Chris Corum – RIFLEMAN
  7. MISSION 01 – IRON DRAGON OBJECTIVES 1. Neutralise tent camp troops 2. Secure the caves 3. Return to insertion zone 4. Capture Papashvili OVERVIEW The first mission isn’t a great start to the challenge. G. Bean (SNIPER) is caught up in some return fire and is wounded (Right-leg). On the way to extraction after clearing the camps, caves and capturing Papashvili, R. Weinstein (DEMO) is hit and is KIA. I may sit out G. Bean for mission 2 to have a 5 man team back for mission 3. I’ve lost a DEMO soldier very early in this, which will be a challenge. But hopefully I can unlock a specialist to assist. AFTER-ACTION -Alpha squad- Dennis Martin – DEMO Gilbert Bean – SNIPER [WOUNDED] John Cosner – RIFLEMAN -Bravo squad- Richard Weinstein – DEMO [KIA] Brian Duan – SNIPER Chris Corum – RIFLEMAN
  8. Hi all, I decided playing through the Ghost Recon campaign for the 38743897439287th time This time, I've decided to record it and upload it to youtube. I'm not usually a streamer/gaming uploader, so just doing this for fun. Difference with this campaign play-though, is that I'm going to challenge myself and stick with using the same Ghosts though-out the entire campaign. With the exception of adding in/removing specialist as required. This is going to be tough, and I might not even make it the whole way! If I feel like it, I'll restart the entire mission, but I won't be using quick saves/loads. Might take me a while to actually finish this... GHOST PLATOON (Starting squads): -Alpha squad- Dennis Martin – DEMO Gilbert Bean – SNIPER John Cosner – RIFLEMAN -Bravo squad- Richard Weinstein – DEMO Brian Duan – SNIPER Chris Corum – RIFLEMAN First video incoming, and man, it wasn't a great start for mission 1.... Please subscribe/like my videos
  9. K ill wait for the game then, not chasing unlocks
  10. Nope. You do not need it for the main game. I believe you can upload these for unlocks in game faster though.
  11. Do we actually need this for the main game?
  12. Can you explain this a bit further plz
  13. I made this several years ago from a audio recording of an Alpha Squad Rules Briefing we had before inserting on the Navyy Terek mission. I used Arma 2... because I could lip sync the audio to the characters. We all had sweaty palms and a rapid pulse. :-)
  14. Lots of resources at he moment...
  15. Yesterday
  16. See this is quality gameplay, you can play it more realistically if you want to.
  17. No worries mate. The A3 squad control system is really powerful actually and full of commands. Takes a bit of time to learn them but once you have a few key ones down there is a lot you can do with your men. I get the sense lately that a new era of old school GR coop could be about to kickoff. Something's afoot! So I have to share my discovery of GR coop. I was late to discover coop as i played 2 years of the most amazing pvp ever. Thinking back on the quality of the netcode back in 2001-2003 now actually, we were playing 9v9v9v9 with no lag. We played this awesome game mode called Total Random Respawns. Every player had 5 lives and when you died you would respawn on one of 20 possible respawn points. The random nature of it meant a game could quickly change from winning to losing or vice versa. Anyways back to coop. Someone tells me to check out AS and I head to the server. The first words I see were something like 'GR the way it's meant to be played'. Meanwhile, this sound file started playing in the background and I can hear radio communications from a mission reconing tangos and coordinating squad tactics, it sounded intense. Then I joined the server. Instructions were clear, serious play, no respawns (######!?@?), work as a team, use proper radio protocol, do as Command orders, if you die, keep quiet and wait for next mission. Holy ######! Life matters more than ever, true white knuckle gaming. Blew my mind! And so spawned my love of coop and a deeper love of GOML (The Game of My Life). All the mission making on Igor and then the Arma series has been about my dream to keep OGR alive and relive the white knuckle coop gaming experience that few other games have delivered. Funnily enough, in my attempts to cater for the SP gamer, i have tested all my missions in SP and find myself falling in love with SP again. Just you and 5 AI Ghosts relying on you to get them home safe. GR4LYFE
  18. Yeh I really got that feeling too. When you race the same track over and over, the layout stays with you forever. Then one day you are playing a totally different game and you get deja vu!
  19. Great post Havoc. Time playing with the GRNET co-op team will always be tremendous find memories. I can remember the first time I was ever asked to play in a co-op mission, with comms (Roger Wilco comms not phone LMAO) - I think it was with Alpha Squad, and I had absolutely no clue how a co-op game was played in a competitive environment - right after that I was hooked though. One enduring memory competitive involved getting some data back to the extract point, before time ran out. The entire squad made it to extract apart from NYR32, who had to sprint like the clappers, with enemy tangos still patrolling the areas, over a large part of the map to make it to the rest of the team. It had been a challenge to get to extract and we were all totally stressed to the max - NYR had to make it back, or the mission was a failure! With the clock ticking down and us yelling like excited kids, he made it over a small bridge and into extract. Mission complete. The feeling of relief and achievement was awesome! I'll always be thankful for the work, effort and innovation that the squads running competitive co-op games put into the scene, it was a huge time commitment, but everybody got so much out of it. I've just been back look at the Tactical Elite site, I had forgotten so much about those days, really great days - great guys, great games. ps, Havoc, isn't steam such a fricking pain when it comes to adding friends, it just never works for me! I tried to add "grnet-havok" and it said no member!
  20. I played one of Lightspeeds missions yesterday. I can attest to this. It's a lot of fun. Worth noting, Arma is a bit complex and does take some time to get the mods together. Lightspeed was kind enough to give me some tips after I did a Youtube video of my play through. Not all of the keys and options are self explanatory. My team was pretty gimpy after being shot up. Apparently there's a key to force a medic to assist others... who knew!? Thanks Lightspeed
  21. Ok well EvilDucky and I will look out for ya.
  22. Sounds good to me. Not sure if you play Arma 3 but still cranking out GR style mossions and campaigns. With the A3 editor tricks and tools, I think ppl would have a hard time saying its not GR on steroids. It's come a long way!
  23. For Friday nights, yes. But the other weekend days I can usually fit in others as the group loses it's self to spouses and children. Add me on Uplay: Nightcrawler59
  24. Don't know why I am quoting my own reply....meant to reply to Lightspeed's reply....could be the wine lolz...yo Lightspeed I got mad respect for you and your contributions to GR,,,,lots of missions and all that. Played your missions enough,,,you are one those people I forgot to mention lolz...as well as the AS Squad. Never had the honour to deploy with you. Maybe we can Deploy one day.
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