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  2. some arma 3 puppy power
  3. Yesterday
  4. I'll hook up with you over the weekend mate.
  5. Had a few games last night, took me a while to figure out how to unlock the other classes apart from the Trainee haha good fun tho. Glad the morta has been nerfed
  6. Last week
  7. Sounds good.I've been playing a lot of GR as of late so I'm looking forward to some new stuff.
  8. Me too, looking forward for this rework, thanks a lot.
  9. Hi everyone- i have finished a reworking of my CAPD2 mod thanks to the inspiration of Mr Moon and the others. I added four new missions with dynamic elements to them on new maps (to the mod, not new to the GR community). I updated the weapons used by the bad guys and the skins for almost all of the opfor. The new missions require combinations of stealth, assault, tactical awareness, and even randomization of the location of particular objectives. I will need a touch of patience as I did not have beta testers for the four final missions, and I tried to do the best I could to deal with scripting issues. So many of you fans and modders have led me to this point. Thanks!! I still love this game!
  10. Onwards is a virtual reality first person shooter, it was free this weekend so I gave it a go - was pretty amazing experience. I played in a team of 6 v 6, loaded up with gear and inserted to a smallish size map with buildings, walls, cars etc and set about taking the other team out. Some really cool features - comms for example. As your teammate moves away from you, his voice becomes more distant until you cannot actually hear him unless you put your right hand up to your left shoulder and key the mic! This is a whole new level of realism compared to the magic-ears type comms you get in a conventional shooter. Onward is basically the first gen of first person shooters in VR, and it shows heaps of promise. I can imagine the military training opportunities with this, but to play it in your own home was awesome. I even ended up with a fellow scot on my team so that was interesting lol.
  11. Yeh they've been adding a lot of gameplay to the basic mode we played.
  12. Yeh bullet speed has been criticised before. Wildlands is the fist GR game with ballistic physics like this, bullet drop etc, and it's not quite right. I expected to see it tweaked in a patch by now, but not yet....
  13. You were definitely more scared on the Embassy mission. Nice commentary!
  14. Have you all noticed how the weapons are SO NOT EVEN CLOSE to being anywhere near operational? I can LITERALLY throw a rock faster than these bullets travel...a .50 caliber round shot from a high powered rifle travels MINIMUM 2500 fsp (feet per second)... a pistol? Around 750 fsp... so ######? Ubisoft doesn't know D*^K about the way weapons work... MAJOR EPIC FAIL!... AND THE EXPLOSIVES? A grenade has a kill range of over 5 meters.. one from a grenade launcher has even more, so HOW IN THE F*^K can I shoot one that lands inches from someone and NOTHING happens?!?!
  15. Good stuff Jose. Quick Save
  16. And on this one I was sacred as hell due to all the civilians running around
  17. Got 2 new missions up: In this one, I changed this up and got shot
  18. Earlier
  19. hey all, I can afford one of these at the moment, it would be handy for making music for videos too. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Teenage-Engineering-Portable-Synthesizer-Controller/dp/B00CXSJUZS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1505516401&sr=8-1&keywords=teenage+engineering+op-1 Really tempted to buy one.
  20. Yes! Maybe I'm getting to old for GR.
  21. LOL, whatever it takes right?
  22. Another campaign finished.Only a few more dozen to go. This campaign started out nice but then turned into missions that reminded me of MOH/COD with all the scripted shooting and action. Couldn't even get my bearings on some maps before I was overrun by enemy. Not really my cup of tea. Went into Igor and changed some things to be able to finish campaign.
  23. So, "PVP" is just death match? No objective based realistic game modes?
  24. I know, too many games. Still need to complete Wildlands campaign, and I can't stop playing Alien Isolation in VR!
  25. what are you doing man! install it ASAP! It sure is addictave
  26. Very cool. Never did get around to playing MGS:PP, the games sitting here still in shrinkwrap :o(
  27. Some Metal Gear Solid the phantom pain shots, from my new rig
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