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  2. 13 Hours was actually a decent movie so I'm not too worried by the prospect of Michael Bay directing a Ghost Recon film.
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  4. I started a game with a female character a few weeks ago, but only noticed the smokes last week.
  5. Such a nice words about the whole game.
  6. Started on it for fun. Wont be finished. Also this...
  7. They released the answers earlier today. TL;DR: Not much in the way of added content besides Fallen Ghosts and seasonal challenges. No mission editor, no M107. On the plus side, they're fixing the darker textures on some of the shirts. I mean it's only been there since the beta but whatever.
  8. Don't know about the cigarettes but I'm more concerned by Pilgrim holding a non-existent rifle.
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  10. Good lord that is creepy!!
  11. Okay so @Pilgrim and I were playing Wildlands yesterday and I'm not sure if it's a bug or if it's a feature, but he noticed that I (female nomad) had a pack of cigarettes on my molle chest rig, whereas he didn't, wearing the same vest did anyone else pick up on this or is it just a bug?
  12. Was thinking about aliens and UFOs lately. So why not. Little concept work.
  13. Last week
  14. Downloading now! Will report any quirks
  15. RSB 0.6 (Beta release) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByzY7YGL3L97Y3Z2dGZ3U3R3RnM/view?usp=sharing what's new: dxt support (open only), bug fixes. That's how Rainbow Six Lockdown textures look like...
  16. 1. Soulswap. Even just for SP. If I go down, keep the action up and let me control someone else until I revive. Or go all out and let me control anyone. 2. SP team tweaking. More lethal team that is more responsive to AI commands. Let them drive while I plan or shoot it out? 3. Mod capablity (perhaps just for the PC version?). At the very least a FarCry 4 ish editor. That way everything that wasn't included here can be.
  17. xbox

    You normally go right into a match with no wait time bro.
  18. And to add to the glichyness they've recently done a fairly major upgrade. Give it some time and if it don't get right get ahold of support and let them know.
  19. Mine was like that for a while, eventually it synced up. That whole grhq seems to have been glitch from the start.
  20. how do i get the comradeship achievement on my ghost profile ? the achievement states have 4 ghosts in your task force ? i have over 50 ghosts in my task force and it still does not give me the achievement ? anyone else having the same issue ?
  21. Lovely shots
  22. Its all good buddy, i'll be downloading the newest versions and playing with them to provide as much feedback as I can, I dont think it helps that my Photoshop installation is utterly mucked anyhow.
  23. Very cool NC.
  24. Sorry, Zee. I need time for testing (focusing on adding final features now). what a nice answer on your question.
  25. If you happen to know, I'd like to know and understand what settings I should be using for foliage etc. right now i'm getting very hit/miss results, grass will work, if the alpha channel is flipped and the alpha testing function is set to greater / equal to with a reference value of 128 however saving shrubs and getting them to work has been almost impossible so far. also getting a horrible issue with blue textures when not saving with alpha.
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