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My recent boot HD failure made me re-think my backup strategy, which at the moment can be summersied in one hyphenated word, ad-hoc.

In addition to all the usual PC backups everyone has to think about, I also have all the backups required by my websites. When I first started making websites, there was no need to backup, as the website code on the webserver, was the same files on my HD, so the site in itself was a backup. Now though there are SQL databases and dynamically created pages to worry about, and config files all over the place.

So it's time to sort this mess out and get organised. There was a free backup app on the cover of PC Pro this month, that will help deal with all the local backups. And I am sure there will be an app somewhere that can backup up remote data like sql databases etc, that I can Google for later.

So, I'll be editing this blog entry over the next few days as I think of new things I should be backing up incase of a total failure.

I'll start tomorrow.



Okay let's start with Website Stuff.

Ghost Recon.net

Forums : database + image folders + upload folders + entire code

FAQs : database + entire code

Downloads : database + entire code

News system : database + news folder + cgi folder

Modders Portal : database + entire code

Filemanager : user folders + data files


Forums : database + image folders + upload folders + entire code

News system : database + entire code


Forums : database + image folders + upload folders + entire code

PSP guides.net

Joomla : database + entire code

Tomorrow I'll list all local backups! Then I'll need to come up with a schedule and see how much of it can be automated!


Time to start thinking about where all the files are on my HDs that need backed up.


Word/Excel : I keep these all together in a "files" folder

Outlook Express

Email Store : These are kept off the boot drive in a seperate partition

Message Rules : Not sure how to back these up yet

Signatures : As above, not sure how to backup.

Contacts : Export Address book



Plug ins : Need to backup up installed plugs because you can never find them later


Digital Photos : Gigabytes of photos to backup


SpamPal : Backup up the whitelist

Game Saves

Call of Juarez : Doc&Settings/User/My Documents/Call of Juarez

... more later.

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Mmmm...backups. I need to do that sometime soon. Best of luck with all that content. It's nice to know we aren't posting in vain were something to go wrong with this site!

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Thanks to audiolab for finding this webpage describing one backup option, I'll check out the prices of external HDs and see if it's going to be feasible, sounds great though.

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I'd go for one of those external HD enclosures. Basically, it's a plastic box/enclosure with a cable and then you take an internal HD and plug it in. Viola! you now have an external HD. It's a lot cheaper than buying a regular external HD. My friend got one awhile back and he really likes it. Plus, if the HD dies or anything goes wrong you can just replace the HD.

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How funny you should comment on this item today, as I backed up the forum database and also the mod database today (using the tool linked in my previous entry).

I have a 300Mb external seagate now, prices are so cheap it's practically a steal. And having an external USB HD is going to make building a new PC so much easier when it comes to installing all the apps.

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