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Compound Co-op
Added: 09/09/08 16:45:54
Description: Intel. is that the Mexicans are readying a staging area for a mass attack. It's a natural basin and the only ways in are by air or a tightly held tunnel system. Command have ruled out a land attack and previous attacks by air have been met with heavy resistance from ADATS. Sadly, our artillery is too far away and time is running out so your team are the best hope to deny the enemy this advantage.

Using local guides, your team has found it's way through a maze of disused tunnels to an old quarry.

Your mission is to infiltrate the enemy base and take out the ADATS as quietly as possible. Avoid engaging the enemy before this or risk them calling in punuishing air support as well as reinforcements via chopper.

Features of this map (V1) are...

* Created for 1 - 6+ players.

* Stealth/coordinated attack on ADATS is rewarded - but noisy can be more fun!

* Multiple heli-drops of enemies and attack choppers if you alert the bad guys early.

* NEW! 7 Player controlled spawn points - stand @ a specific point (power transformer set on walls) for 5 seconds and it will reset spawn to there. You control where the spawn is.

* pseudo-randomised positioning of selected enemy and events for increased replay.

* Enemy are wearing balistic vests, so may take more than one shot in the body to put them down.

* 2 Zeus's at 8 possible locations.


Sadly, I must admit that there were some errors reported by the testers that I was unable to replicate and so can not confirm a fix for. I am unable to re-create these errors on my own server (dedicated LAN server or as a stand alone or LAN game) - that is to say, the game runs perfectly for me on my servers in the various modes in GRAW2. The issues have been experienced by Viper's team when running on his hosted web server (not that I am suggesting it's the issue).

I would be very happy if someone else could replicate them on their local server and even better take on the challenge of resolving them and releasing a V2 to the community so we can all learn. Just PM me if you can replicate the error locally and reliably and decide to try and release a fix.

So apologies in advance if you get a crash/bug. The mission does work on my LAN and my dedicated server as well as on a lan game at a friends I can not test this any further. Hopefully it will also work fine for you.

The three known issues encountered by Viper/beta testers are as follows...

1) The extraction blackhawk has been reported to go up and down on some players screens. Again, I have not been able to recreate this - but have seen the screen dumps - wierd.

2) The game occasionally crashes with an unhandled exception - access violation relating to smovelogics.dsf/aihivebrain.dsf.

3) The game occasionally crashes complaining about a weapon...can't recall the exact error, but again a GRAW2 issue..not a mission issue.

INSTALL - Place file into the GRAW 2 custom_levels folder.
Creator/Author: Davros
Version: v1.0
Screenshot: Screenshot
File Size (MB): 32
Last Download: 16/10/18 09:45:08
Downloads: 4386
(16 Ratings) 
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Posted By OZ*Ares[Dux] on 05/01/09 04:42:47

Thanks for that awesome coop map.

It is the funniest map in coop i ever played.

But it got 1 lil problem. If we go with 3 Players and crawl to all 3 adats to plant ... we only have max. 25 minutes. Then the server crash. If be bash it runs great. But crawl to long means "crash in application"

However. This is the ultimate "Splinter Cell" - Map :D We did it 2 times. We were detected by the enemy, as we blown up all3 Adats in the same time.

This map rocks. Lobo_Fiero rocks. Davros rocks. EBDA rocks !!! Good job guys !!!

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