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Silver Dawn
Added: 22/10/11 09:35:25
Description: Silver Dawn

Operation Pegasus was a great success, you were able to retrieve valuable intel which will help with our fight to stop these terrorists creating havoc around Mexico.

HQ was able to download most of the data from the laptop you retrieved and we now know the terrorists are planning to up their game, they are developing a new kind of car bomb which they have named the "Smart IED", we think these are a selective type of device, they only arm themselves when their enemies get close to them, we assume that they are now more interested in targeting us rather than the general public.

We don't think these smart IED's are in operation as yet so you should be able to spot them, what is more of a concern to HQ is that they are also developing WMD in a chemical form and we believe there is a small amount at this location.

Your mission here is to destroy the IED testing facility in an attempt to stop these smart IED's getting onto the streets, you also need to locate the WMD chemicals and secure them, before we can arrange your extraction you will have to secure all air defences and the transmitter.

Good luck Ghosts.

Your mission:
1. Destroy Testing Facility.
2. Secure Air Defences.
3. Disable Transmitter.
4. Secure WMD.
5. Destroy Adat.

Map list for Dedicated Servers:

Special feature:
Dotted around the map are "booby trap" car bombs, these are the only vans that have wheels, if you walk up to one of these vans you will see the "plant c4" marker you have 5 seconds to plant the c4 or they will explode (7 seconds after you see the marker) and probably kill you, planting the c4 will deactivate the booby trap, again these are the only vans that have wheels, if after you start to plant the c4 the yellow bar stops going across the screen you know you are to late so get out of there PDQ!!

As usual this mission is adaptive, if you are playing alone you will be in Easy mode but if more players join then it will update itself and then be in Hard mode.

If there is more than one player the mission will be in Hard mode but if all but one player leaves, the mission will then be in Easy mode.

Easy Switch:
If there is more than one player then use this switch to play the Easy version (this switch does nothing if you are playing alone).

Hard switch:
If you are playing alone then use this switch to play the Hard version (this switch does nothing if there is more than one player).

Reporting crashes or issues:
If you have any problems using this mission then please use the Discussion link below
which will redirect you to the release thread in the Ghost forums.

You will be able to post any issues or questions there, this will help the author to respond to your problem more efficiently.

Thanks goes to the beta testers:
suneye2, RickDekkard, Rahnman Zero Goose JayBOT mexicobob Cherry BLJ & the rest of the team @ (The Art of Warfare), Spik@, candy76041820, kaapo, ebk52, JackDoe, Anthony and Rico686
Creator/Author: JohnTC02 (Map & Mission Author)
Version: 2.0
Screenshot: Screenshot
File Size (MB): 5
Last Download: 15/06/18 07:20:14
Downloads: 2473
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Posted By Greqo on 26/10/11 20:55:15

Great Map! One issue though....

On the same side where the WMD are, far corner when approaching the Adat (either direction you can aproach) When you get so close to the Adat area, the server crashes if you have the map loaded in a stand-alone-server.

This seems to be the only glitch to the map, but otherwise, it is a solid map! Thanks for the hard work!!

Posted By Greqo on 28/10/11 00:08:31

Update on my last post. It was V2 of this map that I found this glitch on....

Posted By Greqo on 28/10/11 02:04:52

Disregard my last two posts. A friend of mine just completed the map with no crashes. I tweet some settings for my stand alone server and it went right through. Seems to be a coin flip if it crashes but I think it is more related to the instability of graw 2 -v- the map sesign.

 As always, you have provided us with a solid map!  ;-) Thanks and PLEASE continue to nring us new maps because I SUCK at making them....LOL. (Although if you want to give me some pointers I am willing!  ;-)

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