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SOAF HRT Uniform Mod
Added: 01/05/11 14:56:59
Description: SOAF HRT Uniform Mod provides you with 3 different skin mods. The installation program also includes firepower adjustment for shotguns and re-colored blood effect.
Creator/Author: Wildcat
Version: v1.0
Screenshot: Screenshot
Documentation: Website
Requires: This mod requires the full game Sum Of All Fears
File Size (MB): 1.8
Last Download: 15/04/18 20:49:50
Downloads: 636
(3 Ratings) 
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Posted By Jesus( on 02/05/11 05:11:26

Looks great

Posted By on 16/12/11 05:18:41

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Posted By jose on 09/10/12 09:55:35

hay alguna forma de pasar el juego al español, ya sea lAS DESCRIPCIONES DE LAS MISIONES Y LOS MENUS ETC, ya que he podido pasar al español el ghost recon y sus expanciones mi email por si hay algun parche es :

Posted By jose on 09/10/12 09:58:28

hay Alguna forma de Pasar El Juego sum Of All Fears al español, lAS DESCRIPCIONES DE LAS MISIONES Y LOS MENUS ETC ?, ya Que él podido Pasar al español el ghost recon Y Sus expanciones, mi email Por si algun parche es: soylecapitan @

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Posted By on 08/06/15 18:25:51

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Posted By nice on 12/07/15 14:24:08

Hey first time i have failed to download this game.But now i have successfully doownload this wonderful game.Just preparing for play this game.If you have any tips please let me know.Because i am feeling very excited.And thanks for this download option.



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