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The Tower 2
Added: 03/02/10 15:31:04
Description: The Tower 2

A custom made co-op for GRAW2
Creator/Author: Annibale19
Version: 2.0
Screenshot: Screenshot
Authors website: Visit Annibale's Site
File Size (MB): 15.8
Last Download: 24/09/16 21:06:05
Downloads: 3661
(8 Ratings) 
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Posted By GD=_)Donk on 04/02/10 05:16:14

Love all the maps keep up the good work

Posted By Cussler on 06/02/10 11:41:39

I can take the bundle in my Custom level, but it doesn´t work after starting Graw 2.

Posted By Cussler on 06/02/10 11:47:29

I cant see the map in my Level/Maps

Posted By Cussler on 06/02/10 11:55:14

Sorry, it was my mistake, i found the map

Posted By JD31068 on 07/02/10 14:36:54

This map always crashes after the tank appears. Anyone playing (except the hosting player) is kicked. Then if the hosting player dies, GRAW2 crashes to the desktop. We've tried it two times and its done the exact same thing each time. My hosting machine is win 7 ultimate 32bit, 4gb ram, Core 2 Quad @ 2.66, nVidia GTX 260 w/896mb ram Any ideas as to why we're seeing this?? We've played a bunch of your other maps w/o issues (and they're really great)

Posted By annibale19*ita*(the mapmaker) on 08/02/10 18:02:05

Yes,JD31068,you  right,infact,cause a misunderstanding between me and my good friend,who takes care about my last works on my site,this map was putted too soon on the site,without a read me file for to advice all about that problem : Attention !!!! this map is good for dedicated servers only !!! The cause is,(i think), in the way i used for to build the main building,i have used something like 150 or more concrete walls for the ceilings and the floors,cause that building does not exist in the editor,so the map,when launched on normal server keeps to crash in that way,but,if you use a dedicated it's ok,only,some client will crash,but that is normal on many maps,in graw2,there is nothing incredible.I hope to have been usefull  to you .Byeeee

(on my site in the main picture,dedicated to this map, there is writed on top : "for dedicated servers")

Thz to all,who have appreciated this particular work.

Posted By annibale19*ita*(the mapmaker) on 08/02/10 18:25:39

Sorry,just an addendum,to what sayd before about this map,i have a similar pc,my quadro is ,i think the same(2.66 model q9400),i would suggest to you ,if you have a good ventilation into your case,to make run the cpu to at least 3.3(overclocking it),because ,trust me,also if that processor is very good,the problem in graw 2 is simply can use whatever you want for to automatically overclock the cpu,(exist many programmes used by the motherboards or by the processors,it is the case of the series I-7,they see when any program takes many resources by your cpu and improve the clock automatically,but again,trust me,they are usefull just to nothing !!! GRAW2,for a reason that i don't know,deceive your software and so,also if your cpu could run faster and the game too,really it don't .When you want to try and test what i sayd now,it's simple,launch the same map,but with your cpu overclocked to 3.6(that cpu can do that easily with no risk,ifworking between the right temperature level) and you will see the magic !!! The a.i. will react like a group of flash gordon terrorists !!!  Byeeee

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