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The Cut
Added: 22/01/10 14:17:50
Description: The Cut

Custom co-op for GRAW2
Creator/Author: Annibale19
Version: 3.0
Authors website: Visit Annibale's Site
File Size (MB): 2.5
Last Download: 17/12/14 14:03:23
Downloads: 2160
(2 Ratings) 
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Webmasters : link to the page URL, not the download URL

Posted By Download Trouble on 22/01/10 18:06:13

I'm having trouble with the download link for this one.  I keep getting redirected to a "page not available" webpage.  Rahn.

Posted By Black_Virus on 22/01/10 22:57:15

Same here, webpage not available

Posted By FSN_pdanoe** on 23/01/10 15:09:53

Hi all, if you have trouble making this link work, go to Annibale's website , and look into menu "my graw2 maps". You can find the map, its called "annibale19_the_cutv3.bundle"


(hope Annibale dont mind that I post a direct link)

Posted By rico686 on 25/01/10 07:53:18

For those who have problems downloading maps: sometimes it helps if you clean up your Temp files, Temporary Internet files and your Prefetch.

Again I must say that several people have a little bit of a problem with this map (as with the other new maps). It is a little bit "heavy" to play compared to the default TDM version of The Cut.

Posted By annibale19*ita*(the mapmaker) on 25/01/10 20:48:25

Hi all....try to get the download by the direct link :

Posted By annibale19*ita*(the mapmaker) on 25/01/10 20:59:12

Yes rico686,you right that map is heavy...but...there are almost 30 tangoes foe every activation and in 2 there are tanks and that is a weight for who launch the map.I realized this version for fast pc only,infact i suggest to launch it useing a fast quadro or an I7 or similar and it will be a pure hell !!!!! (the map use the recall-areas which call different groups for every different area,so,the tangoes,practically will follow you while moving into the map,but for to see that ,really you need one of  the 2 combinations suggested before. I think that for the future maps i will add a read me in which i will give suggest about the map,if good or not and for whom.

Posted By FSN_pdanoe** on 25/01/10 21:18:28

Anni, why can we not go on the ship please Laughing

Posted By annibale19*ita*(the mapmaker) on 30/01/10 22:19:12

In this map i used the ship for some terrorist spawn and it  seems to me nice,over all,they spawn almost at the end of the map taking the players from behind but,on the sea line there are transparent walls,created by the GRIN mapmaker and those walls,are impossible,to me,to delete The terrorists can move through those barriers but you,player,not.(i was lucky to be able to use the ship and the terrain behind it,walkable,cause normally those parts of many maps are not so,in other words,often they are just ,something existing for your eyes but not for real ).BYEEE

(Thee was in my mind to use the ship in other maps,but ,it exist with the terrain in itself for what i have seen,so,nothing to do)

Posted By kaapo on 04/04/10 14:15:06

Too high hardware required, it gave as 12-22 frames on a E6750-HD4870 and E4400@2500mhz-8800GS and latop Centrino M 1600 as dedicated server. It was a pain to play special with the havocs which cause more fps lost and less fun. The map/mission itself was great. Even for 2 players. Just the Zeus was missplaced and could not be used after loosing it one time. Thanks for your work!

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Posted By on 05/08/14 18:16:00

fS7g68 Im grateful for the article post.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.

Posted By on 05/08/14 18:16:00

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