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Added: 24/12/09 12:17:45
Description: BLOOD OIL:

This mod is a community made mod,and has change hands so many times, and has had so many people involved in it up to this point. Nobody seems to own this mod and there is nobody in charge of it too. So thnx to all that have chipped in to finish it off.

Blood Oil is situated in Nigeria, and is nothing more than a new mod, and some fun to play.

Searching YouTube for Blood Oil can reveal some eye opening scenes.

SAD's (SPECIAL ACTIVITES DIVISION of the CIA) have been called in to rescue a group of Government officials, being held hostage at a Nigerian gas plant. Several turn of events, will lead the SAD team through a variety of missions, to completing there objective.

Recognise the civilians, they do carry arms sometimes, and will fire if threatened.

* Inside the main Blood Oil directory, there are 2 zip files. (bo_full.7z & bo_reduced.7z). Do not delete the files. If you are experiencing performance issues, simply right click bo_reduced.7z and extract here. This will replace all the large textures throughout blood oil to 512 x 512, also it will replace all the environment files with reduced versions.To switch back just right click the bo_full.7z and extract here, done. This should cause no issues with saved games or joining others servers.

* There are no unlocked heros at present, this will hopefully be addressed in a patch after Xmas.

* Not being a part of the original team, I have probably left people out of the credits, this can be fixed also if anyone sends a PM with info.

* SP is set up as a 12 mission Campaign, all Campaign missions begin with BO ( C ) and are also available for Coop.

* All other missions are just some fun extra stuff to compliment the maps accordingly, which begin BO ( M )

* All game modes are available for all maps.

* Fishing village you may notice not being able to shoot anyone when hiding around the grass stacks, I don`t think there is any contact with the map creator, you will need to be aware of this and not TK your whole team trying to throw a frag like I did.

* River ride map (BO M 19) is primarily a TvT map, it is set up for all game modes, but you map experience a few issues with the AI as it has not been set up correct with working levels etc.

Place BO_patch_1_4_b.7z into your mods directory, right click the file and extract here.

Reporting crashes or issues:
If you have any problems using this mission then please use the Discussion link below which will redirect you to the release thread in the Ghost forums.

You will be able to post any issues or questions there, this will help the author to respond to your problem more efficiently.
Creator/Author: Tinker and the Community
Version: 1.4
Screenshot: Screenshot
Patch 1: Patch 1.4
MAC: Mac Version HERE!
File Size (MB): 276.8
Discussion Link: Public Release Thread
Last Download: 17/12/18 23:07:02
Downloads: 6040
(29 Ratings) 
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Posted By H3ll5p4wN%u2122 on 24/12/09 14:21:27

What a nice Christmas present!Thanks a lot guys Cool

Posted By wolverine on 25/12/09 18:45:41

merry xmas to tinker et al. thanks. question? on the 3rd? mission, the one where you have to mark the 3 boats with demos, when you go to xtract zone you get a CTD. did i miss something? tried running it a couple of diffent times, but get the same result

Posted By Tinker on 26/12/09 16:45:41

Thnx! There was a script issue in the coop version. Has been corrected, will be included in patch 1.3 soon.

Posted By anon on 27/12/09 14:32:57

love the music hope u don't mind if i use it? one glitch i encountered on the first mission which prevented me from completing. one of my men seemed to have found himself under water just so you know great mod i was startled! 4* cos of the glitch

Posted By William L on 03/01/10 02:56:32

I hate the campaign but I loved the maps!

Posted By novembre20 on 08/01/10 14:14:32

hi to you all, Ghostsmay be it is a stupid question but I need some help about hmm.gif INSTALLATION INSRTRUCTIONS:Place Blood_Oil_v2.7z into your mods directory, right click the file and extract hereyes and then?I've put and extracted the zip into the "mods" directorylounched the gamebut unable to find the missions wall.gif do I have to modify or add something or what ever elseso many thks in advance thumbsup.gif Pier

Posted By Dennis on 16/01/10 20:05:41

I also extracted the file directly into the mods folder and it doesn't appear in the list of campaigns??


Any help appreciated

Posted By Dennis on 16/01/10 20:17:54

Never mind, here I was trying to extract it & make it work into GRAW2 Embarassed

Posted By Rocky on 03/03/10 14:45:17

Patch 1.4 added today. This is a cumulative patch, .i.e thats all you need!

Posted By Demonace on 05/04/10 10:52:39

Great mod a must have !!

Posted By Bullet Belcher on 14/05/10 22:07:03

Excellent!  So far.  But In the fifth mission (waterfall) when you press F7 to load a save, the system crashes.

Posted By Thunder on 15/06/10 06:27:33

I have some problems with the second mission in coop mission game: when loading GR crashes ... how can I resolve this problem? THX

Posted By Thomas on 16/08/10 11:14:07

Did some one could help me to identify the gear used my the Ghost in Blood Oil Campaign?

Posted By Brsrus on 26/08/10 19:00:41

i cant complete the first mission.  Clear control rooms/ disarm bomb. I disarmed the one on the catwalk. The others dont disarm and then i take hostages to EZ and NOTHING. Disarm and clear cont. rooms remain incomplete!

Posted By brsrus on 26/08/10 19:22:54

Dled patch twice tried to open with 7 zip and win rar and it says corrupt. Cant get it to work!!! 

Posted By Marc on 01/09/10 21:05:06

Dled patch twice tried to open with 7 zip and win rar and it says corrupt. Cant get it to work!!! Same here, can't get it to open

Posted By anymouse on 22/09/10 09:48:34

patch download corrupt

Posted By on 15/08/11 12:38:14

Very decent mod, except that it is unstable. Twice now, when trying to deactivate Blood Oil to use a different mod, it has crashed and broken my game entirely, so that it crashes every time after when I try to fire up the game. Both times I had to completely uninstall GR and its expansions, delete all files and folders left behind, then re-install.

It's a top-quality mod, but not worth this headache. It takes up to an hour to restore my game, and each time I have to lose all my saved data. Massive, massive flaw.

Posted By MarkAmi on 25/12/11 16:37:33

One of the best GR mods available.  A great total conversion with top notch AI, maps, weapons, and powerful music.. 5/5!  Thanks go to Tinker for getting this one out.

Posted By on 28/02/12 12:36:26

That's not all true, some games are coelosns only (like metal gear NOT TAKING INTO THE ACCOUNT OF AN EMULATOR). But yes, PC games do offer modifications and some PC only content that enhance your experience with the game.

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