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VIP's Retreat
Added: 01/05/09 11:04:24
Description: VIP'S RETREAT

Ok Ghosts we're back in the thick of it again.

The VIP is in hiding at his Vila, You will be inserted at a location close by, First You need to take control of the camp near by then make your way to the Vila and locate the Laptop he has hidden with our information on it.

You must also destroy the Blackhawk Wreck he has in the Vila, there is also a supply unit nearby destroy it to stop the Rebels rearming and making your mission very difficult.

Your main objective here is to eliminate the VIP before you can extract, he must not be allowed to escape, you must sop him at all costs.

General Keating is relying on You to make this mission a success, failure is not an option.

Your Mission:
1. Take Out The Enemy Camp (four objectives):
1a. Destroy Adat A
1b. Destroy Adat B
1c. Destroy The Control Panel
1d. Retrieve The Laptop
2. Destroy The Two Tanks
3. Destroy Stolen Blackhawk Wreck
4. Retrieve The Laptop
5. Eliminate The Vip
6. Destroy Resupply Unit

Special Feature:
This map has a all new extraction routine never seen before in a GRAW2 coop mission, I hope You all enjoy it.

Known Bugs:
At the Heli wreck some Beta testers reported they were unable to attach the c4 to the warehouse door, in the unlightly event of this occurring You can blow the door with grenades or gl.

Reporting crashes or issues:
If you have any problems using this mission then please use the Documentation link below which will redirect you to the release thread in the Ghost forums.

You will be able to post any issues or questions there, this will help the author to respond to your problem more efficiently.

Extra Special Thanks to all The Beta Testers:
Davros, Bogie, Viper and his team @ AGB (, Porter from the Army of Lion Guinea Pigs, Anthony, Radiator, Zero_G and Sightreader
Creator/Author: JohnTC02
Version: v2.0
Screenshot: Screenshot
File Size (MB): 1.8
Last Download: 17/02/18 08:32:58
Downloads: 6405
(21 Ratings) 
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Posted By Bogie on 01/05/09 20:34:35

Absolutely brilliant, John!  The way you collaborated with the test team and designed this amazing piece of work just has me speechless.  10 out of 10!

Posted By JohnTC02 on 02/05/09 03:55:20

WOW!! thanks for the comment Bogie, thats left me speechless

Posted By Great Map on 02/05/09 09:57:11

being one of the AGB testers I can say this map is amazing, it was an honor to be apart of it....


Posted By HUH? on 02/05/09 16:51:21

body {margin:8px} .tr-field {font:normal x-small arial}The AI aim bots are too much and being dropped in the middle of a fire fight from the gate make me wonder if you understand what reconnaissance is. I would like to have a chance to pick my time to initiate contact instead of being spawn killed repeatedly. If your intentions were to frustrate players to a point of smashing their computers, you may have a winner.

Posted By JohnTC02 on 03/05/09 03:36:15

Hi HUH (or whatever your name is).Sorry you dont like my map. All map posted here are tested by experienced people who have years of knowledge regarding map and mission making my mission is no different it has played by the beta testers here. It  takes several weeks of testing and changing the mission before it is released.

All the beta testers were more than happy for me to release the mission with no problems reported to me.

I wonder if you have any experience in map/mission creation, if you think you can do a better job then please join our team and give it a go if you cant do a better job than we do here I suggest you do not play my maps and chose one that suits your skills.


Posted By Mike2048 on 04/05/09 20:13:02

I think this is an excellent map. Great job:) I have one difficulty with 2 snipers in bushes far up on the hill who are very hard to spot :(

Posted By Boggs30 on 05/05/09 20:54:55

Very nice! Outstanding map indeed!

Thanks for your hard work!



Posted By Chickenlittle on 10/05/09 02:38:34

Another great map John, very challenging, Specially those guys in the bushes ! Great placement, with a great ending. You and bogie are right up there. Keep up the good work. Thanks again from the crew in New Zealand.

Posted By Ed on 15/05/09 17:36:12


Posted By on 24/05/09 21:46:25

Junk map. pure junk

Posted By speedy on 13/08/09 21:07:13

can i play this map 2 players?

Posted By map trier on 13/03/11 22:35:15

I just have a like having new missions to try, most are better than what I play with

standard game.

thanks for giving us end users some varity.














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