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Urban War
Added: 29/03/09 12:45:29
Description: URBAN WAR

Following the killing fields at Devils Island the Ghosts find themselves back in an urban district on the border of Mexico.

Intel suggests that a top ranking Pilot that went missing at Devils Island is being held somewhere in the district. He must be found at all costs as he knows some of the top secret information about the Ghosts future missions deep into Mexico. The area is heavily guarded by Mercenary snipers and patrols so tread carefully Ghosts.

Your Mission:
1. Eliminate the first wave of enemy troops
2. Destroy the Adats
3. Destroy the Tank nearby
4. Attack the Transmitting Station on the rooftop and disable the Antenna.
5. Find the missing Pilot and rescue him.
6. Extract in the Littlebird.

Special Instructions:
There is no need to follow the Pilot to extraction he will find his way there on the rooftops and wait there until you get to the extraction point. There has been some reports from the Beta Testers that the pilot sometimes gets stuck by the ramps and doesn't get to the extraction point, this will not effect the mission in any way. Still trying to find an answer to this problem.

Reporting crashes or issues:
If you have any problems using this mission then please use the Documentation link below which will redirect you to the release thread in the Ghost forums.

You will be able to post any issues or questions there, this will help the author to respond to your problem more efficiently.

Big Thanks to the Beta testers:
Rocky @, the, Bogie, Davros, Viper and his team @ AGB (, Tinker & Anthony. Special Thanks to LoBo_FieRo for the use of his map.
Creator/Author: JohnTC02
Version: v1.4
Screenshot: Screenshot
File Size (MB): 19.8
Last Download: 20/10/16 06:27:37
Downloads: 6621
(14 Ratings) 
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Posted By GT7th Team Panamá on 29/03/09 15:48:31

Thanks, very good

Posted By CrackerJack on 30/03/09 14:40:27


Crashes on me while loading.

Posted By Ed on 30/03/09 22:10:57

Nice map - guess you fixed the radio tower bug. ^^ One of the coolest map...thanks.

Posted By johnwoo2005 on 31/03/09 14:25:34

thx you.

Posted By johnwoo2005 on 02/04/09 13:36:39

Please fix the crash, thx you. ;)

Posted By JohnTC02 on 04/04/09 03:20:22

please fix the crash, is no help to me, post the error in the forum and I will have a look. The map has been fully tested by the Beta testers here with no problems.

Posted By Bionic on 04/04/09 08:23:33

There is an error, destroy when the antenna, does not mark the following objective.

look at this picture

Posted By JohnTC02 on 04/04/09 18:33:40

Bionic, looks as if you have hit the antenna with a grenade, you need to plant C4, go to the antenna dish you should be able to plant C4 there, the game will then continue.


Posted By Bionic on 05/04/09 15:41:32

 thanks ,good job John.

Posted By JUGGALO4LFEJR1 on 10/10/09 12:04:26

is there any way to get these maps on xbox360?

Posted By fahad on 01/01/12 09:26:41

Coolthis gameis owesome

Posted By on 18/11/14 18:54:42

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Posted By Falling down on 27/09/15 04:59:42

I keep falling when i start det game it is like i don't have at floor in my game, I can see the town and my first objektiv, but i just fall and end up with the text that i have killed all hostiels // Lars

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