Wildlands Reveal Analysis by Mattshotcha

There have been one or two unofficial Wildlands reveal trailer analysis videos pop up on YouTube over the past few weeks, but today we have the exclusive reveal analysis from Ghost Recon Wildlands Insider MattShotcha. Matt was in Ubisoft’s Paris studio to see (and play) Wildlands days before it was announced to the world at E3. In this video Matt uncovers a few easter eggs you may have missed, and explains the freedom of choice feature that the Ubisoft wanted to emphasise with the reveal trailer.

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Author: Rocky

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  1. Is there a time limit on a mission? does the world work in such that the sun will sunset or go down during a mission? so i could say wait till night to do a portion of the mission? i recall crysis had advancing of the sun in the sky.

    example: Rocky sends me to objective 2 as a sniper or recon scout type. I wait and watch, observe how many enemy and wait for the rest of my team to advance to my location?

    freedom, I’m intrigued by that concept. hope we can get more info on the level of freedom further on. But this video sure leads me to believe, having been 3 years in development, maybe a Christmas 2015 release?

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  2. I think your guess will be out by 12 months…. but yes, you can wait for nightfall to do a mission if you feel the cover of darkness will be an advantage…

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