Wildlands for Busy People

Here Matt “The Official Ghost” Shotcha runs through the official Ghost Recon Wildlands Trailer pointing out a couple of easter eggs and other points of interest you may have overlooked upon first viewing of this award winning trailer.

Matt has more media lined up so stay tuned for Matt’s detailed breakdown of what we actually see in the detail of the Wildlands E3 trailer!

Author: Rocky

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  1. Hey Rocky, so at the time of writing this i just found your site from the Wildlands main site and have now booked marked it!

    im kinda new to the whole Tom Clancy games, recently buying Future Soldier and Splinter Cell Blacklist, primarily because they are 3rd person shooters which is the only way i like to play games

    anyway, just watched your video and your commentary had me in stitches, better than the actual video 😉

    sooo looking forward to Wildlands, it looks immense and epic

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  2. Thanks Dude, although the guy in the commentary is Mattshotcha, my brother from the Ubisoft Breakfast Club!

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