Heading to E3!

That’s right, we are going to E3 this year and it’s going to be huge for Ubisoft! They have some new AAA titles to  show off and we are pumped to be going so we can report back directly to you gamers. Make sure you follow our twitter feed and let us know if you have any questions for Ubisoft as we will be sitting down with their developers over the course of the exhibition! You can also use our forums if you have any burning questions you’d like put to Ubisoft’s developers!

Author: Rocky

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  1. Can we get a Ghost recon title that moves away from the 4 man team to a typical infantry platoon element? allow for 32 players to play in coop whereby there is a platoon leader (LT), a Platoon sargeant (E6 staff sargeant), 4 squad leaders (E-5) and 8 team leaders(corporals 2 per squad, team A team B and then the rest of the soldiers.

    like Ghost Recon: 101st Airborne division or Ghost Recon: 82nd Airborne division.

    the 4 player team was old and difficult to believe.

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