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How do I install and play a custom campaign?

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These instructions take you through the process of installing a custom campaign mod from the GR 6 DVD Mod set , and how to start playing.

1. Insert Cd 1 and open the first folder, called "8 Days Reloaded"
2. In there is a zip file called "", copy this file to a temporary location on your computer, then extract it using winzip or winrar or similar.
3. You should now have a new folder called "8 Days Reloaded", inside here are the files that make up the mod.
4. Right click and "copy" the folder called "8 Days Reloaded".
5. Now go to your Ghost Recon installation folder, and open the folder called "mods", and paste in the "8 Days Reloaded" folder (Note, paste the entire folder, not just the contents).
6. If you have done this correctly, when you look at your Mods folder, you should see a folder called "8 Days Reloaded", the mod is now installed.

7. To play the mod start Ghost Recon.
8. At the main menu confirm the version number bottom right is
9. Click Options, then the MODS tab at the top.
10. In the AVAILABLE MODS list on the left click on the mod you wish to use, then click the Activate button to transfer the mod to the ACTIVE MODS list on the right. In this case we want to make sure our mod and both GR official expansion packs are Activated. So click nd activate until the right hand ACTIVE panel has the following files listed : Desert Siege, Island Thunder, 8 Days reloaded (in that order).
11. The mod is now ready to play, so click Accept at bottom right to return to the Main Menu.
12. The mod we have installed is a Custom Campain, so follow this procedure to play a campaign... Click on CAMPAIGN in the main menu, then NEW CAMPAIGN, then select 8 Days Reloaded from the right hand window. In the left window, type in the save game file name you want to use (for example My8Days). Select the diffficulty rating, then click START to begin this missions.

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