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Why Are My Menus Fuzzy?

ID #1030 : Revision: 1.0 - Last update: 2006-06-06 03:51 by : Ruin

This is a Voodoo 3000 problem. Drivers for Direct X8.0+ were never made for the Voodoo 3000 cards, and thus the card is not compatible with Ghost Recon. The game may run fine, but the menu's will be unreadable.

Voodoo 5000 should be okay.

Riptide sent in a fix for the fuzzy Voodoo Menus.

"I have here a fix for the blurry text in the menus of Ghost Recon that many people are experiencing with older video cards(Voodoo3). What it does is take out one of the two fonts stored in the font texture so that the card can handle the size of the image without it being rescaled. There are two sets of files in the archive. One removes the larger font and uses the smaller one. The other does the inverse of that. I'd suggest using the smaller font since the larger one can make the text too big and it ends up getting chopped off at the end of it's allocated space in the menus.

Download the files here.

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