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FPS and Soundcards?

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This came in from Nurface and might help those with FPS problems.

"Many times we read the required specs for games and find that our computers meet the standard, so we expect smooth gaming. I have found that with the wrong sound card life can be very unpleasant. I tried numerous drivers for sound card and graphics card. My computer setup is PIII 866MHZ/256 RAMBUS memory/Aopen PA256MX Geforce2 MX 32MB AGP. I had previously tried Chaintech sound card CMedia PCI Audio but that card didn't run smoothly. It met the requirement I might add, so I purchased the soundblaster 16 PCI. I couldn't believe the difference the sound card made on my system. My Frame per seconds went from avg 30 to 60fps with Sb 16. The price for the sb 16 pci card is around $30.00. This may improve your gaming experience."

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