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I want to make a dedicated server on Linux, what do I need to do it?

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  1. Install Wine. You need a recent version - IIRC most successful reports seem to be using 1.14 or later. Some Linux distros (eg Ubuntu) don't include a sufficiently up-to-date version in their repos, so the best thing to do is add the main Wine repo and install from that. (If you're not using a Debian-based distro, choose one of the other options here.)
  2. Install GR.
    • Grab your CDs (or DVD) and run the installers (including patches) in sequence. In Ubuntu, you can do this easily by right-clicking on each .exe and selecting 'Run with Wine Windows Program Loader'. If your distro doesn't do something like that, you can do
      % wine "D:\path\to\setup.exe"
      where 'D' is the letter Wine is using for your CD/DVD drive.
    • When it's done, each installer will hang. Grab your favourite process manager and look for a zombie process called 'IKernel.exe'. Kill this and the installer will exit. (Skipping this or just killing the installer can cause errors in subsequent installers.)
  3. Configure GR in Wine. Open the Wine Configuration Editor.
    • Click 'Add Application' and select GhostRecon.exe. Set it's Windows version to XP. (It may be worth experimenting with 98/2000, but I haven't...yet.)
    • Make sure GhostRecon.exe is selected, and go to the 'Graphics' tab. Check 'AllowDirectX apps to stop the mouse leaving their window' and 'Emulate a virtual desktop'. Uncheck 'Allow window manager to decorate the windows' and 'Allow window manager to control the windows'. Set Vertex Shader support to 'Hardware' and disable the pixel shader.
    • Go to the 'Audio' tab and check that the right sound driver is selected. In the DirectSound section, set hardware acceleration to 'Full' and turn on Driver Emulation.
      1. Dedi launcher. Let's add a shortcut for launching the dedicated server. Find the launcher for GR and copy the command. Then create a new launcher, insert the same commande and add the dedi switch on the end. The commands should look something like this:
env WINEPREFIX="/home/yourusername/.wine" wine "C:\Program Files\Ghost Recon\GhostRecon.exe"
env WINEPREFIX="/home/yourusername/.wine" wine "C:\Program Files\Ghost Recon\GhostRecon.exe" -autoserve
 You're done!
  • I haven't found a way to play the game intro movie without crashing. (Insertion & extraction movies play fine.)
  • Frame rates are lower than in native Windows. However, I'm still using integrated graphics of 2005 vintage, so it's quite likely that someone with a decent graphics card wouldn't notice any difference.
  • With Wine set to emulate a virtual desktop, menu screens display in a 640x480 area of the screen. Disabling virtual desktop fixes this, but can lead to focus issues when entering a mission/game. (Do give this a try; I've only seen focus issues since upgrading to Ubuntu Jaunty - Intrepid was fine.)
  • GameRanger now installs; you'll have to install Flash along with it (the ActiveX version). However GameRanger can't seem to launch GR to join or host a server.
  • Haven't tried TeamSpeak or the TeamSpeakOverlay yet.
  • xFire installs & loads under Wine, but it's pretty unstable. Haven't managed to get it to run long enough to join or host yet. The gFire Pidgin plugin handles xFire status & friends pretty well; I haven't had a chance to test joining or hosting through it yet.

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