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I Can't Run Faster Than 60FPS, Why Is That?

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I can't run at faster than 60FPS, why is that?

To see the framerate during a mission entering the console by pressing NumPad Enter key, then typing ToggleShowFrameRate, then press Escape.

If your FPS seems capped at 60FPS, downloading the latest drivers for your video card may help. If you are running winXP or 2000, there is an issue that limits your refresh rate to 60Hz, no matter what the windows setting is. This caps your framerate at 60FPS.

There is a free tool called NVRefresh that fixes this, the official site is at but has been down for some time. You can grab the latest version of NVRefresh from mirrors listed on this page at MajorGeeks.

The first thing to do is upgrade to the latest NVidia drivers, which you can find on the official Nvidia drivers page here. Then check the NVRefresh tool compatibility page to see if the tool has been tested with your new drivers. If you get a green result, run it, click the "Apply Settings" button, reset your PC, and enjoy 60+FPS with Ghost Recon - or any other game!

There is also another tool, that works with any graphics card, not just Nvidia, download RefreshLock here.

A more professional tool can be downloaded that does all that and much more. Grab Powerstrip here for a host of graphics options at the touch of a button.

Note : If you notice your monitor starts to display text a little fuzzy, or out of focus around areas of the screen after using these tools, simply reset to default settings, or tone down the refresh rate. You can do this through your normal window settings, Display Properties>Settings>Advanced.

Note : Please check the maximum refresh rate your monitor permits. Setting any of these tools higher than the manufacturers recommended refresh rate can cause problems.

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