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Device is removed: Device hung due to badly formed commands.

ID #1152 : Revision: 1.0 - Last update: 2012-06-27 21:31 by : Javanai

The "Device is removed: Device hung due to badly formed commands" is a v1.1 Error on Ghost Recon Future Soldier that can result in freezes and black screens or crashes to desktop.

A temporary fix for this issue until Ubisoft patch the problem is to use Nvidia Inspector to underclock your graphics card. 

An example for the Nvidia 580GTX card is shown below.

Orginal Setting : GPU = 795 MHz, MEMORY = 2004 MHz, Shader 1590 MHz

Suggested Setting : GPU = 700 MHz, MEMORY = 1800 MHz, Shader 1400 MHz


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