PVP Announcement!

Ubisoft made their much anticipated Wildlands PVP announcement today with details of the 4v4 adversarial mode and the upcoming open beta.

PVP news is picking up speed now as Ubisoft plan on releasing this free game update for Wildlands later this summer. While the official release video mentions beta participation, we are aware of a closed beta kicking off next week, followed by an Open beta in a few weeks before the PVP update is finally released in a few months!

Here’s the reveal trailer for Ghost Recon Wildlands – Ghost War



Author: Rocky

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  1. Great game, but to date no-one’s done PVP worth a dang. That’s why I rarely play online, and I expect Ubisof to be no different. I’ll get that acct to 01, but I’m probably done after that. Currently at 04. I’ve totally enjoyed this game I think more than other in 40 years, but PVP isn’t my thang.

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