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People have been asking me what the future is for now that Ghost Recon 2 is on the horizon. The answer is quite simple, we will expand to include everything about Red Storm’s Ghost Recon 2. There will be a new expanded Recon section, updated Arms and FAQs sections and of course we’ve had a Ghost Recon 2 forum on the go since the start of the year. So whether it is Ghost Recon, or Ghost Recon 2 – we’ll be pumping out the news and exclusive content as always.

We might even start to reminisce a little now that we are about to enter a new generation of Tactical Shooter. If my maths is correct, this is the 1303rd news post made here, that’s an average of 37 Ghost Recon news posts a month! Our Recon section has grown quite remarkably with exclusive content penned by staff members and fans alike – it now contains around 115 reports! I wonder how long it will take us to reach that number of Ghost Recon 2 reports…

Author: Rocky

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