Evolution of Ghost Recon

GVMERS have put together a 7 minute video history charting the evolution of Ghost Recon from the original PC release through to console only titles, and into the future with the multi platform Ghost Recon Wildlands.

If you enjoy their video, check out their other Evolution videos on the GVMERS YouTube channel.

Author: Rocky

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  1. Thanks again for sharing our video, Rocky! Much appreciated. 🙂

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  2. You can clearly see how much the game series has been RUINED over the years espically around the 2004-2006 era

    Ghost Recon 1 ORG will ALWAYS be the best with server browser, ability for user mods/maps , ability to host your own server using CLIENT-SERVER not p2p .

    GRFS PC would be hands down one of the WORST networking systems Ive seen besides COD in the last 10 years before it came out

    The new rainbow six (siege) and Wildlands are a small watered down run and gun cod+casualised shell of what the games used to be like in proper pc first gaming days

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